Eight evil corporations and their disease-causing products you most likely “consume” daily

People get frustrated with politics, economics, occupations, traffic, bills and the polluted food that America calls a staple diet. Today, many people are on prescription medications that don’t help anything; in fact, statin drugs keep your cells from repairing themselves. Oops. Then, people are frustrated and pessimistic, because their bodies are mostly acidic, filled with processed junk science food, chemical additives, chemical preservatives, chemical pesticides, fluoridated water, and the list goes on and on. So, what DO YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER? The answer may surprise you. Everything!

How, you ask? You have control over every dollar you spend, whether it’s on food, clothing, shelter, water, soil, seeds, personal products, you name it. We, as consumers can make or break ANY corporation in the world if we all at once decided to stop buying from them. You HAVE control here. Use it. Read labels, know everything you can about the companies that make what you’re considering buying. Get off the toxins, and your body will heal itself. You are a machine. Treat your ONE and ONLY machine with respect. Eat organic food, drink clean water without fluoride and use personal care products with normal, non-GMO, non-chemical ingredients that are natural. This is key. Where to start? Know your enemy! Here we go with the top eight evil corporations that probably have you buying poisons:



They own: Bare Naked, Kashi, Morning Star, Wholesome & Hearty and lots more. Boycott these products permanently! If you have them in your fridge or pantry, throw them out.

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Coca-Cola and Pepsi

They make: Dasani bottled water, Minute-Maid, Sprite and Fanta.

They own: Green Mountain Coffee, Odwalla and Honest Tea.


Campbell Soup Co.

They own: Bolthouse Farms, Plum Organics and Wolfgang Puck.



From GMO corn to soy, from canola to cottonseed oil – watch out!

Here’s from TruthWiki:

“The Monsanto company is an agrochemical corporation that is not only the leading producer of genetically modified seeds, but the manufacturer of Roundup, the world’s top selling and possibly the most toxic legal herbicide on planet earth–which contains as its primary ingredient-Glyphosate. Monsanto was first to genetically modify plant cells in the early 1980s. They are infamous for manufacturing DDT, PCBs and Agent Orange* (along with Dow Chemical*) – – all deadly combinations of pesticides, including insecticides, that all contribute to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and major malfunctions of the human central nervous system. Way back around the year 1900, when Monsanto was founded, they initially produced toxic food additives from industrial chemicals, including artificial sweetener saccharin, which has been proven in laboratories to give animals cancer. To top it all off, Monsanto also manufactures synthetic growth hormones for large animal feeding operations (CAFOs) to boost profits, but these hormones directly affect the humans who consume those animals dosed by them, whether through meat consumption or dairy that’s produced from those animals’ by-products. Hormone imbalances in humans contribute to cancerous tumor formation and other health detriment that allopathic medicine worsens with chemical, pharmaceutical prescriptions.”


Hain Celestial

This is a big one! Watch out for sellouts to Hain Celestial. Just to name a few… they own:

Spectrum Organics, Health Valley, Garden of Eatin’, Earth’s Best, Ella’s Kitchen, Arrowhead Mills, Nile Spice and many, many more. Pay attention. Organics here WILL be compromised more and more as time rolls on. Just check with Cornucopia Institute for updates and coverage of corporate organic sellout companies and their inner workings to dilute the organic label: TruthWiki.org.



They own: Golden Boy, New Morning, Dakota Growers Pasta and more.



They bottle tons of mountain water. Never buy from them. The make Nescafe coffee, Kit Kat candy bars, Coffee-Mate, Purina Friskees, baby foods like Gerber, bottled water, cereals, chocolate of course, dairy and lots of pet foods. They like using toxins in foods. Beware consumers!


Phillip Morris

Phillip Morris brands of cigarettes include Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Benson & Hedges, Merit, Parliament, Alpine, Basic, Cambridge, Bucks, Dave’s, Chesterfield, Collector’s Choice, Commander, English Ovals, Lark, L&M and Players.

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What’s Big Tobacco’s nemesis??

Well, of course, the natural method to quit smoking:

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