Dr. Hyman’s UltraMind Solution: How nutritional deficiencies cause mental illness

Understanding the connection between the body and mind is incredibly important, particularly in today’s fast-paced society where our brains are constantly on overdrive. This can cause what author M.D. Mark Hyman considers a “broken brain.”

Western medicine characterizes broken brains as a form of mental illness, prescribing synthetic drugs in an attempt to “normalize” our brain chemistry. However, not only is this the wrong approach, it even causes more harm than it helps.

The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing your Body First, written by Dr. Hyman, teaches us how to allow our bodies to heal our brains naturally.

“To learn how to fix your brain you are going to have to accept a radically new way of thinking about health, one that most doctors today still struggle to understand. The crux of it is embodied in a simple truth: Everything is connected.

“Your entire body and all of the core systems in it interact as a single sophisticated symphony. You are one whole person, and all the pieces of your biology and your unique genetic code interact with your environment (including the foods you eat) to determine how sick or well you are in this moment,” writes Hyman.

“This means your body-and-mind are connected as well”

“The body-and-mind are a single, dynamic bidirectional system. What you do to one has enormous impact on the other. What you do to your body you do to your brain. Heal your body and you heal your brain.

“Change your body and you will fix your broken brain.

“Your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, traumas, and life experiences directly influence your biology. We know that stress and other psychological factors can have a major impact on your health.

“Now we understand that 95 percent of all illnesses are either caused by or worsened by stress. What you think can influence how sick or well you are. The mind influences the body.

“This is known as Mind-Body Medicine. It is an important contribution to the field of science and is researched by major institutions such as Harvard and Stanford."

Somatopsychic medicine

“Sadly, most physicians do not apply this knowledge in their practices. They accept it. But rather than using the power of the mind to heal, they disdainfully say that people with psychological influences on their health have ‘psychosomatic illness,’ or ‘somatize,’ meaning that their ‘physical’ symptoms are all in their head.

“Even worse, somato-psychic medicine (or how the body affects the mind) is hardly on the radar.

“The body directly and powerfully influences the brain. Nutritional status, hormonal imbalances, food allergies, toxins, and digestive, immune, and metabolic imbalances, primarily influence mood, behavior, attention, and attitude.

“You already know about this body-mind connection, even if you have never consciously considered it. Just take a moment to think about how your own body has affected your mind over your lifetime, and then extrapolate that to more serious conditions.

What you think is directly tied to how you feel

“Have you ever felt anxious, irritable, jittery, fearful, or even had a panic attack only to have a can of cola or muffin and feel better right away? Why were you anxious? Because your blood sugar was plummeting, and when that happens your body is programmed to respond as though it is a life-threatening emergency.

“Do you feel foggy and mentally sluggish after eating a large meal?

"Have you ever felt stressed and anxious and then taken a long walk or ridden your bike a few miles only to feel calm and relaxed afterward? Why did this happen? Because you burned off the stress chemicals, adrenaline and Cortisol, which made you feel anxious.

“Have you ever felt angry and irritable because you have been deprived of sleep? Have you felt happier and thought you had fewer problems after a great night's sleep?

“Have you ever had the flu and tried to focus and read a book or concentrate on anything only to find it difficult, perhaps even impossible?

“Have you ever hallucinated or been delirious with a high fever?

“These are basic examples of the body-mind connection that many of us have experienced. But there are so many other things that occur inside of you that affect your brain and mind of which you have no awareness.

“Changing your diet, nutrient levels, circadian rhythms or sleep patterns, the substances you use, the amount of exercise or playtime you have, getting rid of toxins in your system, balancing your hormones, correcting imbalances in your digestive tract, boosting your cells' ability to produce energy, and fixing food sensitivities or allergies can all radically transform your mood and brain function.”

For more information on curing a broken brain naturally, order Dr. Hyman’s book today!



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