Probiotics may prevent depression and anxiety

In recent years, science has begun to recognize that bacteria do have their benefits for human health, and that there are actually lots of good bacteria. In fact, having a robust colony of bacteria in your gut is now considered to be a market of good health. Also called the intestinal microbiome, scientists are finding that it is imperative not only to good digestion, but also to a healthy immune system.

New research suggests that a healthy microbiome also contributes to a healthy brain and emotional state.

A study conducted at William and Mary’s University in 2014 found that students who ate more fermented foods were less likely to suffer from anxiety. There are, of course, many other factors that can affect the onset of anxiety and depression. The study concluded that, for those who are at a higher genetic risk of developing anxiety, fermented foods may offer protection against its onset. The researchers also suggest that fermented foods and probiotics may be a low-risk treatment for anxiety. The researchers have also urged psychiatry professionals and health officials to consider diet’s impact on overall mental health.


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