Vaccine mandates are NOT merely about immunizations (Video)

Vaccines are a “wedge issue” designed to establish the government’s authority over your body.

Now that vaccines are being mandated in California, here are the next steps for the scientific dictatorship that has infiltrated America’s government:

1) Mandatory organ harvesting. For “the good of society,” of course!

2) Mandatory euthanasia of diseased, physically handicapped or senile individuals.

3) Mandatory sterilization of “undesirable” people… EUGENICS.

4) Covert sterilization via vaccine injections. (Already being tested in Africa.)

5) Total government control over your reproductive rights. You will need a LICENSE to have children.

6) Mandatory medical interventions like chemotherapy, with no opportunity to say NO.

7) Mandatory abortions if you attempt to reproduce without government permission.

BEWARE of any attempt by government to control your body!

Stay informed at, where health freedom, medical choice and human rights are universally honored.

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