How Scientific American and WIRED promote and endorse chemical violence against children

What’s the formula for promoting chemical medical violence against babies and children? Big pharma, the vaccine industry, and the mass media shills have it down pat, but it’s starting to fall apart at the seams. Here’s what they do. The vaccine industry and big pharma have scientists in laboratories mix dangerous chemicals with bacteria, viruses, and genetically modified organisms. Then, billion dollar corporations hand millions of dollars to the FDA to “fast-track” approve their untested, experimental drugs and toxic jabs for mass manufacturing and distribution to the general public via MDs, oncologists, pharmacists, and even elementary school nurses.

From flu shots to psych meds and ADHD prescriptions, anything is game that the public thinks will help them get through the nightmare of their days (that are filled with depression and anxiety from OTC meds, GMO foods, bad jobs, and horrible school curriculum). The mass media just waits for chaos to ensue, and when it does, the frenzy begins, like sharks circling around chum. The CDC then creates mass hysteria with some new epidemic or pandemic, like Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Zika, Ebola, or even just the annual seasonal flu causing “countless” deaths (actually just one or two, and that’s usually from pneumonia).

Finally, the fraudulent, shill-filled websites like Scientific American and Wired perpetuate and propagate mad-sheeple syndrome through infectious disease propaganda, all while burying the facts and the truth about what’s really going on, and how simple natural remedies can prevent, stymie, and cure just about any ailment under the sun.

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“Vaccines, Mercury & Dirty Money” – Mass media rejects column and message for Americans written by Robert Kennedy Jr.

In July of 2015, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. publishes a whistle-blowing article in Waking Times, but has to run it as a paid advertisement in USA Today. Though RFK Jr. is pro-vaccine and has had all six of his children vaccinated, he understands there are several major issues with the safety of today’s vaccine ingredients and intense schedule that the CDC recommends (since 1998) and even enforces at gunpoint (in California). First of all, he tells us, vaccines account for $25 billion in annual sales for the trillion-dollar pharma industry. The CDC’s decision to add just one vaccine to the already inundated and overwhelming schedule can 100% guarantee millions of customers and billions in revenue. Plus, the vaccine industry has complete immunity itself from lawsuits, so they can rush anything to market without safety testing, but rather just simply push propaganda on the news and voilà!

Kids today in the US cannot attend school without at least 50-plus doses of 14 different vaccines before age 18, which often includes an annual flu vaccine. Though the CDC says they removed mercury from all childhood vaccines, that’s an outright lie, because the influenza vaccine is recommended for children, babies 6 months and older, and pregnant women, and the flu jab contains massive amounts of mercury.

Right now, big pharma has over 270 new vaccines “under development” in hopes of boosting jab revenues to $100 billion in the next 8 years. Who will head up the CDC’s mass vaccine propaganda promotion and marketing campaign? The main spokesperson (puppet and shill) for the vaccine industry is none other than Dr. Paul Offit, who invented the most dangerous vaccine ever, the Rotavirus vaccine called RotaTeq. Offit says kids can take “10,000 vaccines” and walk away just fine. Side effects of RotaTeq include vomiting, diarrhea, severe stomach pain, blood in the stool, and intussusception, which means your intestines get blocked and twisted (this can cause death just days after the toxic jab).

RFK Jr.’s vaccine article scrubbed from history by mass media shills and the corrupt CDC

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. authored an article entitled “The Truth about Vaccines” that was published in July of 2015 was virtually deleted from history, and scathing critical reviews were then published across the board for anyone looking for it. Here’s how it all went down:

Timeline for CDC’s and mass media’s cesspool of corruption:

2002: Dr. William Thompson, lead scientist at CDC, tells his superior Dr. Gerberding about MMR vaccine–autism link – she does nothing.

2004: Scientists at CDC destroy evidence showing MMR vaccine causes massive spike in autism cases among African American boys under age 3.

2005 – 2011: CDC promotes propaganda about hoax Denmark Study to bury the connection between MMR vaccine and autism, in case Dr. Thompson blows the whistle.

2011: Poul Thorsen, author of Denmark Study, indicted by federal grand jury for defrauding research institutions of grant money to fake vaccine study to discredit vaccine-autism link.

2014: Dr. Thompson confesses to the world about CDC corruption and vax-autism link cover-up: Biggest medical scandal in modern US medicine history.

2015: RFK Jr.’s article “Truth about Vaccines” published in Rolling Stone and

Later that year: RFK Jr.’s articles retracted/removed from mass media publications and counter critic articles by shills published.

2015 – current: Mass media blackout of Dr. Thompson’s confession.

2016: Vaxxed documentary is released and blocked by all major theaters and film festivals, Mass media lies and says Vaxxed movie is about Dr. Andrew Wakefield, not Dr. William Thompson.

2016 – 2017: President Donald J. Trump appoints RFK Jr. to head up vaccine safety council and the mass media go into a frenzy to discredit RFK Jr.

Is autism a form of Mad Hatter Syndrome? Media frenzy ensues to discredit RFK and keep mercury in high doses in influenza vaccines

Just three years ago, eco-activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. blew the whistle on the dangers of mercury-loaded vaccines and how they play a major role in causing autism spectrum disorder. RFK Jr. also has a prolific new book published about it. If you look at the history books, Mad Hatter Syndrome, which was caused by exposure to too much mercury used in felt hats, caused many detrimental health symptoms and disorders, including central nervous system malfunctions, gastrointestinal trauma, sensory neural impairments, emotional instability, and more. Sound familiar? Think of most children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

When a major US public figure blows the whistle on something as monumental as the CDC’s vaccine corruption, the mass media outrage spikes off the charts, in a frenzy to cover up the truth. It’s so obvious if you look at it from a “helicopter” view, you can see the shills and charlatans scrambling for cover in all the huckster publications, like the Washington Post, Scientific American, and of course, Wired. They came out of the woodwork to denounce everything RFK Jr. authored, calling him a lunatic, anti-vaxxer, anti-science, and anything else they could think of to discredit him before the mass cleansing of immunization ingredients begins.

Keith Kloor, ultimate shill and GMO huckster, a key figure in the mercury poisoning cover-up

Newsweek 1/11/17: Keith Kloor authors a piece called, “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Takes His Debunked Vaccine Concerns To Trump.” Who is Keith Kloor and why is he attacking RFK Jr.? Kloor is a cohort and “very good friend” of exposed biotech shill Jon Entine. Kloor is a climate change hoax promoter who was enlisted by the chemical agri-business to spread propaganda written by industry insiders. Kloor also writes propaganda for Science Insider, a “sleaze journalism” blog for Discover, and rhetoric pieces for Slate. Kloor is crafty at writing tricky, brain-washing industry jargon, so Newsweek loved it when he wrote a piece attacking the character of Kennedy. See examples of the kind of science fakery pushed by Kloor and his cohorts at

Watch for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and President Donald J. Trump to begin removing dangerous neurotoxins from vaccines soon, and then you will “magically” see the bottom fall out of the autism epidemic that’s crippling the minds of so many young boys in this country.

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