Measle-infected baby photos FAKED by NBC News to push mass hysteria and demand vaccine compliance

Proving yet again that the left-wing media is steeped in fake news and staged events, NBC News with Lester Holt has been caught broadcasting a faked measles photo that relied on Photoshop to add “measles” splotches to the photo of a healthy baby. (See proof, below.)

Amazingly, NBC News broadcasted the faked measles photo along with on-screen text that claims “Nurse battles vaccine myths as measles outbreak hits 555 cases.”

The real myth, of course, is the idea that NBC News is a news organization at all. In truth, they are a left-wing Big Pharma propaganda ministry that deceives viewers even when claiming to “battle vaccine myths.”

With a hat tip to HighImpactFlix, here’s a video that reveals the NBC News faked measles propaganda. (Below)

See HighImpactFlix on YouTube (until they get completely banned).

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See the proof that NBC News fakes measles photos to terrorize their own viewers with mass hysteria

Here’s Lester Holt looking serious, acting like he’s investigating something with a sense of real journalism and honesty, pretending he’s not a lying Big Pharma hack who says whatever he’s ordered to say by the vaccine industry:

Here’s the stock photo image of the healthy baby that NBC News sourced to begin its Photoshop deception:


And here’s the Photoshopped image that NBC News ran with, adding measles splotches to the healthy baby:

This animated GIF shows where the “measles” splotches were added to trick the public into thinking this healthy baby was infected with measles:

Natural News analysis confirms the “measles baby” was a Photoshopped work of fiction pushed by fake news NBC

An image analysis conducted by Natural News confirms that the fake “measles” splotches on the baby are nothing more than a rubber stamp copy and paste of the exact same pattern of splotches:

A closer look at the image exposes the NBC News big lie. Yes, these are all the exact same Photoshop patterns, just replicated across the image of the baby:

Through the use of Photoshop deception, NBC News then broadcasts the “measles baby” to the world to push its measles mass hysteria. Look at this poor, poor child… hurry and go get your vaccines, or more children will be Photoshopped just like this one:

Watch out, looks like Lester Holt has the measles, too! (We create this mockery image to demonstrate how stupid NBC News actually is, thinking the public won’t figure out how they’re faking all their measles stories.)

The fake news media lies about everything from mass shootings to infectious disease outbreaks

This is how the fake news media operates on almost every story, from mass shootings to measles to the now-collapsed Russia collusion hoax. Almost everything the media tells you is either staged or false. Then they rely on censorship to silence all independent media voices that point out the obvious fraud.

A similar Photoshop fraud was carried out, by the way, with Obama’s faked birth certificate document, which was accidentally released with Photoshop layers still accessible, revealing the multiple layers of document fakery that someone forgot to render into a single final image. The media then denounced anyone who questioned the document as a “birther” while pretending the Obama White House didn’t release a multi-layered Photoshopped document at all. To this day, anyone who questions Obama’s birth certificate is ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist.

But Obama’s birth certificate is no more genuine than this “measles baby” photo used by NBC News. They’re all fake, because that’s what fake news does 24/7, from the NYT to the WashPost to CNN. It’s all fake, all the time, on every issue that matters. From mass shootings to measles outbreaks, 9/11 and even the shooting of JFK, the “official story” you’ve been told is a laughable lie that’s easily proven false by simply examining the available evidence.

Are there real children who are really infected with the measles in America? Yes there are, but nearly all the infections are caused by illegal immigrants being placed in U.S. cities as a kind of biological attack on America. As Alex Jones correctly stated over the weekend:

Then the CDC reports from local health departments across the country that it’s the illegal aliens, called “migrants,’ that are spreading the measles, the mumps, the rubella, the pertussis, and all these record-level diseases hitting Europe and the United States… and then we’re told that those of us who haven’t taken the hundreds of mandated vaccines are to blame.

This whole thing is a false flag… the measles are real, but the admitted cause is the illegal aliens and the government not testing them at the border… this is outrageous and this is criminal… this is a national health emergency.

Our government has opened the borders and allowed these plagues to come in, and then tells us dangerous vaccines are the answer to what they have brought into the nation.

Watch Alex’s full report here:

Stay informed about the dangers of vaccines. Read

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