Discussing vaccine dangers on Twitter is now prohibited, so how will people learn the truth about COVID-19 vaccine side effects?

On Dec. 16, just a few days after President Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines were unveiled and unleashed, Twitter made an announcement that it has begun to “prioritize the removal of the most harmful misleading information” about the dangers and ineffectiveness of the jabs.

In addition to labeling tweets “that contain potentially misleading information about the vaccines,” Twitter has decided to go a step further by actively removing all content from the platform that in any way calls into question Trump’s “coof” inoculations.

“In the context of a global pandemic, vaccine misinformation presents a significant and growing public health challenge – and we all have a role to play,” Twitter contends.

“We are focused on mitigating misleading information that presents the biggest potential harm to people’s health and wellbeing. Twitter has an important role to play as a place for good faith public debate and discussion around these critical public health matters.”

Twitter’s official policy prior to Dec. 16 included the removal of all tweets that include “false or misleading” information about:

• The “nature” of COVID-19, including how it supposedly spreads within communities
• The safety and / or efficacy of “preventative measures, treatments, or other precautions to mitigate or treat the disease
• Official government “regulations, restrictions, or exemptions pertaining to health advisories;” and
• The “prevalence or risk of infection or death”


As of Dec. 16, however, Twitter will now be removing tweets that claim COVID-19 vaccines are being “used to intentionally harm … or control populations,” along with any statements that “invoke a deliberate conspiracy.”

Twitter also now has a no-tolerance policy for statements about the COVID-19 vaccine that has been “widely debunked,” such as that a person might experience “adverse impacts or effects” following vaccination.

Should a Twitter user claim that “COVID-19 is not real or not serious, and therefore … vaccinations are unnecessary,” this, too, will be immediately removed from the platform as a “false claim.”

Twitter, Facebook only allow content that promotes vaccines as safe and effective

These changes are merely an extension of the ones Twitter implemented last year, which prohibit the spread of “misinformation” about vaccines.

Only “approved” information about vaccines – basically anything that claims they are always safe and effective – is now allowed on Twitter. Anything else is medical heresy, and will not be tolerated.

“Using a combination of technology and human review, we will begin enforcing this updated policy on December 21, and expanding our actions during the following weeks,” Twitter’s latest announcement indicates.

“We will enforce this policy in close consultation with local, national and global public health authorities around the world, and will strive to be iterative and transparent in our approach.”

From now on, the announcement concludes, Twitter will police its platform in such a way that people are able to find “credible health information” that has been verified by “public health experts.”

Facebook made a similar announcement earlier in the month that “false claims” about COVID-19 will be removed in the event that Facebook employees decide they could cause “imminent physical harm.”

Anyone suggesting that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) may help to treat COVID-19 is now in violation of Facebook’s new “coof” policies, as are people who suggest that virus symptoms may be linked to 5G exposure.

“The company removed 12 million posts as a result of this policy between March and October,” reported NBC News, which apparently thinks that Facebook is not doing enough to stamp out other information about vaccines in general that contradicts the official government narrative that all vaccines are safe and effective.

To learn more about the dangers and ineffectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, be sure to check out Pandemic.news.

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