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SOCIAL MEDIA OVERLOAD: Young girls being rushed to emergency rooms with social media-induced motor skill disorders

Young girls everywhere are addicted to social media platforms like TikTok, and many of them are having to be rushed to the hospital for emergency care due to all that tiny screen addiction damaging their brains.

According to reports, rampant social media use among children is creating an entire generation of brain-dead, disabled people who can longer function like normal human beings. Experts say that the level of disability now being seen is “extremely high” and that many kids are losing their motor skills entirely – or never developing them at all.

Strange vocal tics are among the many symptoms being observed in damaged youth, which is prompting some tech insiders with children to restrict their offspring’s use of screens. These “Silicon Valley Parents” see the writing on the wall and are taking steps to protect them.

Long-term use of social media and technology in general has been shown to have a profoundly detrimental impact on the developing brain. Smartphone addiction is causing people to “drown in dopamine,” experts warn, while also fueling depression and other mental health problems.

Social media is also a cesspool of misinformation, which is only further damaging people’s ability to think and reason. For children, it is especially problematic and often results in a lifetime of mental illness.

TikTok is destroying an entire generation of women

Dr. Kathrin LaFaver recently interviewed Dr. Tamara Pringsheim about the current epidemic of acute-onset explosive tic-like behaviors. This phenomenon is a direct result of social media use, particularly in adolescent girls who are presenting with extreme forms of the disease.

“The level of disability was extremely high, with many of these young people unable to attend school due to the severity of their symptoms and some even requiring hospital admission,” Pringsheim says.

“Subsequent discussions with colleagues in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia revealed that they all were seeing comparable cases with striking similarities in the phenomenology of these tic-like behaviors. Since October, the number of cases has continued to grow, and we are also seeing an increasing number of young adult women with similar symptoms.”

TikTok is a particularly offensive app where a high number of women seem to demonstrate serious mental illness while filming themselves. Both on-screen and off-, females seem to be undergoing serious brain changes from the use of TikTok that is damaging their ability to function.

“We believe that these TikTok videos may be a trigger for functional tic-like behaviors on the basis of a disease-modeling mechanism, and also be a trigger for tics similar to the echophenomena that we frequently observe during social gatherings of people with tics,” Pringsheim says.

“In the rapid-onset cases, the majority of tic-like behaviors we are witnessing are complex, with large-amplitude movements resulting in self-injury or directed toward other people, and complex vocalizations consisting of the repetition of random words, as well as coprolalia in the majority of cases. Many of the same words and phrases are in common between patients.”

There are more people developing social media-induced tics, Pringsheim suggested, than there are people developing Tourette’s syndrome. This is based on Pringsheim’s own personal experience with her patients, many of whom are manifesting social media illness at an alarming rate.

Exposure to radiation from mobile phones themselves is also a huge problem that is believed to be exacerbating the problem. Long-term users are prone to developing behavioral, emotional, mental and physical illnesses including cancer.

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