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Patient healthcare advocate Priscilla Romans believe life is much better for people who are in control of their healthcare.

“It’s great to share love with our clients and it’s just amazing to see some of their journeys. Life changes for people when they start feeling like they are in control of their healthcare, when they don’t feel so dependent on a broken system,” Romans told host Robert Scott Bell during the August 1 episode of “The Robert Scott Bell Show” on Brighteon.TV.

She was referring to the clients of Graith Care, which she founded in March 2020.

Romans started to see and understand some of the problems in the healthcare system as a registered nurse. The former operations manager of Blue Cross and Blue Shield realized that patients don’t need to come back to a hospital or healthcare facility when all they need is better healthcare options.

“There is something way better than what the current healthcare system is delivering.” she said. (Related: Lawfare with Tom Renz: Telehealth model to change healthcare in a much better way – Brighteon.TV)

The CEO of Graith Care explained that its concept is very simple and it centers on helping people in need. Graith Care is an independent patient advocate that breaks down healthcare barriers to save time and money while bringing back control and transparency to patients.

Graith Care provides medical advocacy, consultation, advice and recommendations to patients.

People want better options

Graith Care has lots of advocates with different backgrounds, such as alternatives, holistic, pediatrics, NICU, seniors, physical therapy, among others who are ready to help people. Romans said that after doing it on her own for almost a year, she decided to start bringing other advocates who are willing to help out people.


“So I have advocates all around the U.S. and internationally, we have served people in 44 states up to this time. It actually might be up to 46 or 47 states by now. And we’re serving people internationally,” Romans said.

Her international advocates are already taking overseas calls from Canada, Australia, Greece, South Africa and Spain.

“People want better options and the people we have talked to have the same problem with the current system that only gives them one way of getting something done – which is an insurance-directed path,” she said.

Romans added that there is a need for allopathic and natural treatments that fit the protocol of a patient and not the protocol of the big healthcare system.

“So when we talk about family planning, it should be very directed in terms of the needs of the individual. And that’s what the healthcare system doesn’t do because they have got one slice, one protocol. And we’ve seen that very clearly with what they’ve done with the COVID protocol treatments. And we know vitamin C, which is a great treatment option for COVID, is not being offered in hospitals,” Romans said.

Bell agreed, adding that vitamin C therapy is a legitimate allopathic intervention because ascorbic acid has a therapeutic benefit in terms of healthcare interventions.

Unfortunately, Romans noted that most people don’t change without a sense of urgency about something that they are feeling pain about.

“People need to understand the real cost of healthcare. If they don’t start engaging in their own health care, they are going to continue to get sick and a broken healthcare system will not be willing to assist them,” Romans said. “So people have to really engage. And that’s why we have advocates that we like to match people with so we can help them.”

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