Chinese propaganda outlet: Nearly 3 years of lockdown was “worthwhile”

Chinese state-owned media outlet Global Times has claimed in an editorial post that the nearly three years of lockdown imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to deal with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was “worthwhile.”

The Global Times claimed that, thanks to the CCP’s zero-COVID policy, the country’s virus responses have been “optimized” and COVID-19 was successfully kept at bay.

“During China’s three-year fight against COVID-19, everyone from this country contributed their fair share to build an exquisitely designed giant machine powered by top-down mobilization, coalesced into effort of people from all walks of life, be it medical workers or grassroots community workers,” the outlet stated. “The machine has worked effectively for three years to shield the country’s populace against an onslaught of the virus.”

This kind of revisionist narrative has been echoed by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which strongly suggests that both the ministry and the Global Times either worked together to come up with this description of the pandemic in China or they were both told what to say by someone higher-up in the CCP.

“Over the past nearly three years, by putting people and their lives first, the Chinese government has formulated its [COVID-19] policy in light of China’s national circumstances, to serve the interests of the vast majority of the Chinese people,” said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning. “Our policy protected people’s lives and health to the maximum extent possible and minimized COVID-19’s impact on socioeconomic development. It achieved the best results at minimum cost.”

Propaganda outlet claims emergency responders and health workers believe in zero-COVID

The Global Times further stated that it has spoken with multiple frontline medical workers, grassroots community workers and other people working to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The propaganda outlet claimed that all these interviewed individuals “believe that the three years’ effort that has helped prevent most people from being exposed to dangerous variants was worth the wait.” (Related: Chinese municipal health body publicly criticizes CCP’s zero-COVID policy.)

Yin Yong, director of the respiratory department at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, claimed that his hospital has successfully reshuffled resources, set up fever clinics and quarantine outpatient services for positive COVID-19 cases and provided different responses for patients with severe symptoms. He said all of this is possible because of the zero-COVID policy.

Yin added that his hospital already has all of the equipment it needs to deal with COVID-19 patients, including ventilators and monitors, as well as doctors with abundant experience in dealing with positive cases thanks to zero-COVID, claiming that the past nearly three years’ helped pave the way for how to fight future outbreaks, including an expected new wave coming to Shanghai this spring.

Wang Xia, a community worker in one of Beijing’s neighborhoods, told the Global Times that the virulence of the virus has decreased to very low levels now and that the CCP has been waiting for this very moment to change its COVID-19 mitigation policies. “For three years, we did our utmost to prevent the majority of people from being infected.”

Wang Guangfa, a respiratory expert from Peking University First Hospital, reiterated that the CCP has only been biding its time before finally reopening the country.

“We have waited for three years to reopen with abundant backup plans to cope with the ‘exit wave,'” said Wang.

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