Harvard Medical School now REJECTING BIOLOGICAL TRUTH by offering course on gender fluidity “healthcare” for parents of INFANTS

Not only is Boston’s Children’s Hospital pushing hard for little kids to get genitalia-mutilating surgery so boys and girls can pretend they are the opposite gender, but now Harvard Medical School offers classes for parents of infants, yes infants, on how to provide LGBT “healthcare” to them, called “Caring for Patients with Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities, and Sex Development.” The course description includes language about “clinical exposure” for infants, not just “education” for the adults.

Infertility and immorality are main goals of “gender-affirming” surgery, but “gender-confused” kids and teens don’t realize these insidious plots

Removal of the uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes, and even the ovaries is standard procedure for “gender-affirming” surgery for girls who want to pretend they are boys. This is what is meant by “clinical experiences” at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School hospitals. “Healthcare” to most Democrats and LGBTQ-activists means helping children and teens transition to becoming incapable of having their own children, and taking extreme chances with their health, physically and mentally, all in the name of sexual identity and sexual partner choices (meant for adulthood anyway).

The whole genitalia-mutilation movement is so perverted now that it’s focused on infants and toddlers “knowing” whether they want to be a boy or girl instead of their biological gender, simply because a male baby grabs a pink blanket, or a girl baby calls her mommy her daddy by accident. Oh, that must mean she wants her breasts cut off and her clitoris turned into a fake penis using flesh from her leg or arm! Sure.

Boston Children’s Hospital puts out videos on YouTube and social media claiming children know what gender they want to be “from the womb,” and that many are already “transgender” the day they’re born.

Ridiculous gender-bender genitalia mutilation excuses purported by the LGTBQ “community” for their infants and young children

For example, according to the movement, gay parents claim when a child refuses to get a haircut, the child needs dangerous gender-bender surgery. Also, if a female child tries to stand up to urinate, this means they want their breasts cut off and a fake penis made, or if a male child sits down to urinate, he wants his penis cut off and fake breasts added to his body. Also, if the female child wants her hair cut short, the parents are claiming she needs surgery to become a boy, even though these same “activists” claim there is no such thing as male or female, just gender fluidity. Or even if the baby boy picks up a Barbie doll, or the little baby girl reaches for GI Joe, all of the sudden it’s time for genitalia-mutilation surgery and cancer-tumor-inducing hormone medications to “affirm” the child’s desires to switch genders.

The “trans” or “gender diverse” movement is sick and twisted in this way, by coercing children to get surgery that can destroy their libido, their mental health, and their ability to procreate. The underlying theme is communism, where a depopulation agenda is a driving force for these gender and sexual “identity” distractions manifest across social media and even in school settings. Now colleges are participating by designing courses for the parents, and influencing parents to coerce their kids into expensive, dangerous surgeries and medications (that make the universities a fortune).

McBlog describes the transgender mutilation surgery movement here:

The transgender propaganda continues – and the worst part is that it is exploiting and harming very young vulnerable children. It’s coming not just from the media and gender activists, but even from children’s hospitals and some mainline denominations. No wonder our children are confused. Adults who should know better have lost their way and forgotten biological truth.

Tune your internet dial to gender.news for updates on the communist Biden Regime influencing the whole country to cut off their balls and breasts in the name of gender fluidity.

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