New FDA-approved “miracle” drugs ACCELERATE formation of arthritis, Alzheimer’s

The pharmaceutical industry is busy pushing and churning out new “miracle” drugs that, based on the science, actually accelerate the diseases they supposedly treat.

Take corticosteroids, for instance. Two recent studies show that this class of pharmaceutical, which is commonly used to treat osteoarthritis in the knees, actually contributes to the progression of the disease.

“Statistical analysis showed that corticosteroid knee injections were significantly associated with the overall progression of osteoarthritis in the knee, specifically in the lateral meniscus, lateral cartilage, and medial cartilage,” reported SciTech Daily.

Then we have the new $56,000-per-year “miracle” Alzheimer’s drug “Aduhelm” (aducanumab), which recently gained approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Aduhelm received “accelerated approval” from the FDA, which in the context of a major drug rollout is an instant red flag. This almost always means that corners were cut, or safety and efficacy standards reduced, to demonstrate its “safety and effectiveness.”

“Aduhelm received ‘accelerated approval’ from the FDA in June despite the fact that an independent panel advising the U.S. drug regulator had found insufficient evidence of its benefit and some experts had raised concerns about inconsistency in the drug’s clinical data,” the Bangkok Post reported.

“At least three of the 11-member independent committee that voted unanimously against recommending the drug to the FDA subsequently resigned.” (Related: Ten years ago, another “miracle” drug for Alzheimer’s called bexarotene also turned out to be a hoax.)

Don’t trust ANY new pharmaceuticals (or even most existing ones) because just about ALL of them are a SCAM

The parallels between these accelerated “miracle” drug rollouts and approvals and Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s Operation Warp Speed scam for covid “vaccines” are striking.

The new normal, as they started calling it after the advent of the scamdemic, is to fast-track pharmaceuticals to market without the normal in-depth safety and efficacy testing. As a result, the public is being sold a bill of goods – and a dangerous one at that, seeing as how corticosteroids, Aduhelm, and covid injections all do the opposite of what they are claimed to do.

The FDA also fast-tracked the release of covid “booster” shots, which the Biden regime has been aggressively pushing as a postlude, you might say, to Operation Warp Speed. Consequently, numerous FDA employees with a conscience resigned in protest:

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the resignations of two top vaccine officials on Tuesday, and reports said the two were leaving in anger over the Biden administration’s plan to roll out COVID-19 booster shots before officials had a chance to approve it,” Insider reported.

It turns out that the clinical trials backing covid jabs are largely fraudulent – just as they often are for many other drugs. What typically happens is lower-level regulators identify problems with them, only to have the higher-ups rubber stamp their approval regardless.

This is what happened for aducanumab, which after its rushed-through approval based on fraudulent “science” sparked calls for investigations into the federal regulatory process, as well as into Biogen, the company behind the controversial new drug.

“In the end, patient health be damned, the right hands got greased at the FDA, the right officials were made promises of lucrative positions in private industry after departing public service (the infamous revolving door), and voila!” explains Ben Bartee, writing for The Daily Bell.

“An expensive, ineffective drug gets pushed on vulnerable patients with wildly unrealistic promises of recovery if they just open their hearts and wallets to the good people at Biogen. Their bank accounts get drained while their health further deteriorates.”

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