Nebraska legislators introduce “Let Them Grow” bill to ban childhood transgender body mutilations

There are two gender-related bills before the Nebraska legislature, one of which would ban transgender “sex change” procedures in children and the other which would keep biological gender requirements intact for sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms.

The one bill, known as the “Let Them Grow Act,” would prohibit all gender-altering procedures in any person younger than 19. This includes surgical and hormone treatments such as puberty-blocking pharmaceuticals.

“The state has a compelling government interest in protecting the health and safety of its citizens, especially vulnerable children,” the draft bill states.

“Genital and nongenital gender-altering surgeries are generally not recommended for children, although evidence indicates referrals for children to have such surgeries are becoming more frequent; and genital and nongenital gender altering surgery includes several irreversible and invasive procedures for biological males and biological females and involves the alteration of biologically healthy and functional body parts.”

Included among the nongenital procedures to be banned are mastectomy, voice surgery, liposuction, lipofilling, gluteal augmentation, hair reconstruction, facial feminization surgery, pectoral implants, and other procedures. (Related: Democrats are trying to criminalize parents who refuse to support their children’s transgender delusions.)

The bill goes on to clearly define male and female biological characteristics, setting in stone what a man and a woman are so the transgender cultists can no longer tamper with these definitions. These definitions also make clear that those born with medically-verifiable disorders involving sex development are excluded from the ban.

Most children with gender dysphoria naturally grow out of it after puberty, says “Sports and Spaces Act” sponsor

As for the second bill, called the “Sports and Spaces Act,” males and females, as defined by anatomy and chromosomes, would be restricted to playing on their own respective sports teams and using their own respective bathrooms and locker rooms – no exceptions.

Sponsors include Nebraska state Sen. Kathleen Kauth, a Republican who told The Epoch Times that most children who exhibit symptoms of gender dysphoria naturally grow out of them after puberty with no need for surgeries or drugs to transform into something else.

“I think all of us can remember the feelings in puberty,” Kauth said. “No adult I know would ever go back. It’s an uncomfortable time.”

“Puberty is a critical time for our bone density, for our physical health, for maturation. And if we interrupt that, you cannot change those interruptions. These are irreversible medical procedures that you hear some of the people talking about it.”

Both bills have more than 20 co-sponsors, but there is also opposition, including from State Democrat Sen. Megan Hunt who has filed motions to indefinitely postpone both of the bills, calling them “attacks on civil rights.”

Despite this, Kauth says that she and other supporters of the bills are receiving lots of positive support from parents across Nebraska, as well as teachers and school coaches.

“I got a call this morning from a teacher and coach at a school, and he said thank you so much for doing this because we have a transgender teen who doesn’t want to use the transgender locker room, a single space locker room, and wants to use the locker room of the gender they want to be,” Kauth said.

“It’s creating a lot of difficulties because now, you’re saying to all the other students who are in that locker room, your discomfort is okay; this person’s comfort level is the priority. That’s not fair to any kid.”

In the comments, many were supportive of these two bills, calling them long overdue in light of the aggressive transgender push sweeping America.

“Push forward, Nebraska!” one of them wrote.

The latest news about the LGBT push for more childhood transgender mutilation and perversion can be found at

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