Biden admin to buy 1.5M doses of Novavax COVID-19 shots, company reveals

Maryland-based biotechnology company Novavax recently disclosed that the Biden administration agreed to buy another 1.5 million doses of its protein-based vaccine ahead of vaccine privatization.

Radio station WTOP reported that the deal made by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would modify a pre-existing contract between Novavax and the U.S. government. It would also allow for the vaccine manufacturer to support the development of smaller doses, select strains for testing according to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendations and allow for a “smoother transition to the commercial market.”

Novavax did not disclose financial details of the deal, but a source familiar with it told The Hill that no new funding was used to support it.

“This agreement acknowledges the need to offer the American people a diverse COVID-19 vaccine portfolio and underscores the importance of Novavax’s partnership with the U.S. government to ensure continuous access to a protein-based option as part of public health measures,” Novavax President and CEO John Jacobs said.

The new deal, which was closed at the time that the initial batch of over one million doses is set to expire the end of the month, came after the White House’s announcement that the U.S. will stop buying COVID-19 shots at a reduced price for the entire country and shift vaccine distribution to the private market as soon as early fall, shifting the cost to U.S. insurers, which only means that uninsured Americans will stand to lose access to the free vaccines.


It also came as the government is set to end the COVID-19 national emergency in May of this year.

The FDA granted emergency use authorization (EUA) for Novavax’s protein-based vaccine for those aged 18 and older. The EUA was announced with the FDA warning that data from clinical trials linked the vaccine to increased risk of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart) after administration. (Related: FDA warns of CARDIAC INFLAMMATION risk linked to the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine.)

Novavax jabs derived from aborted babies’ kidney tissues

The protein-based Novavax vaccine is?made using?the invertebrate cell line Sf9 to produce protein nanoparticle antigens. It directly injects a version of the spike protein of the virus that causes COVID-19 infection in the body to stimulate the production of antibodies.

The pharma company views its vaccine as an option for people reluctant to receive the mRNA-based vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna, which introduces the mRNA into the recipient’s muscle cells. The mRNA would then produce copies of the spike protein to trigger an immune response.

The Swedish government reportedly advised young people against getting Novavax jabs for fear that it would also lead to cardiac problems. It said that it wanted to wait until the full risks of vaccine-related heart inflammation conditions are understood.

These injections have also been connected to abortions by means of their testing procedure. Some tests use?abortion-derived cells and others do not. The cells themselves are from the HEK-293 cell line, derived from kidney tissue taken from a healthy baby who was aborted in the Netherlands in the 1970s.

Back in January 2021, LifeSiteNews contributor John-Henry Westen conducted an interview?with vaccine expert Pamela Acker, who revealed that there were “hundreds of abortions” involved in developing the HEK-293 line and that the babies were delivered alive so that abortionists could extract the tissue while their heart was still beating.

In October 2022, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory panel included the Novavax vaccine on a list of COVID injectetions the agency voted to add to the vaccine schedule for children. The agency also approved Novavax’s use as a booster for those injected with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The Biden regime has since bought over three million doses of the Novavax shot.

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Watch Dr. Jane Ruby expose that Novavax is the next spike protein bioweapon disguised as the “safer option.”

This video is from the Information Warfare channel on

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