Transgender mania shares roots with a 90s castration cult imposing surgical alterations for “next level” ascension

The fast rise of transgenderism ideology has been observed over the past decade. The “fad” is not just about wanting to express themselves via cross-dressing but certain individuals insist that they should be of the opposite gender, engage in chemical and surgical alterations and demand that everyone else be okay with it.

Some even threaten suicide if everyone does not participate in the charade. Armando Simon, a trilingual native of Cuba and retired psychologist says that this tactic of emotional blackmail has been recommended by at least one psychologist in Canada. Also, several celebrities transitioned and were glorified in the media. As with copycat crimes and prominent suicides, others began to claim the same status, additionally insisting that they were “victims,” a high-status category at the moment.

However, Simon argued in the think tank Claremont Institute’s American Mind article that, all of these have been influenced by castration cults throughout history. In the nineties, he said, the Heaven’s Gate cult in America believed that their “core beings” would ascend to the next level into a comet after they committed suicide, some members first choosing to be castrated or sexually mutilated. Also, Skoptsy in Russia practiced castration and mastectomy to eliminate sexual lust. There was also castration in the Aravan cult and in India, the Tritiya Prakriti refers to both self-castration and homosexuality. “The present-day transgender movement is also a castration cult… What differentiates the present movement is that, whereas sexual mutilation was performed in the above cults for the sake of an external idea, becoming transgender has become an end in itself,” he explained.

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He also said that people are gullible enough to submit to the alteration processes due to the history of mass suicides, where the participants were convinced to kill themselves and did so willingly. Furthermore, it was easier to recruit others to join the “bandwagon” due to idealizing the transition, minimizing the mutilation, using euphemisms, presenting a role model and creating confusion about self-identity. “Mentally ill individuals and children are particularly vulnerable and are thus targeted,” he said and proceeded to cite a study where high school-aged teenagers who identify as transgender are also more likely than their normal peers to have concurrent mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorders and autism; attempted/accomplished suicides continued even after they underwent treatment to become transgender.

What is worse is that most advocates of the “transhumanism” extreme leftist cult are medical and psychological professionals. A psychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital publicly declared that children in the womb know they are transgender, while another psychologist at New York University Langone Health claimed that babies can even masturbate in utero.

Mutilation and alteration surgery has no “positive” long-term effects

In celebration of Detransition Awareness Day, President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights Bill Donohue raised awareness on the “ineffectiveness” of sexual mutilation and castration to the mental and psychological well-being of the gender-confused in a write up published on the organization’s website.

“The tide is turning. The insane idea that biology doesn’t matter – we can self-identify our sex – has peaked,” he said. “The Biden administration indeed continues to promote transgenderism. It is also true that elite American institutions in the behavioral sciences and the medical community continue to misinform the public. But the good news is that, even there, many are rethinking their position, coming over to our side. Our side is the side of science. Their side is the side of politics.” (Related: Trump promises to stop “transgender insanity” child mutilations if reelected.)

According to him, the American College of Pediatricians recently did a review of more than 60 studies on the issue of adolescents who have transitioned. They found that there are no long-term studies demonstrating benefits nor studies evaluating risks associated with the medical and surgical interventions provided to these adolescents. There is also “no long-term evidence that mental health concerns are decreased or alleviated after ‘gender-affirming therapy.'” They also concluded that there is strong evidence that children and adolescents who identify as transgender have experienced significant psychological trauma leading to their gender dysphoria. Therefore, they “cannot condone the social affirmation, medical intervention, or surgical mutilation of children and adolescents identifying as transgender or gender nonconforming.”

Donohue also said that a group of five professionals in Norway examined last year what the medical community was promoting and took them to task for not following the science. Sex-affirming treatment with hormones and surgery, they said, was “not correct, has irreversible and significant consequences and has a weak knowledge base.”

In a lengthy piece published in February by the New York Times, it also found that young people who have detransitioned, and medical professionals who no longer support transgenderism, are often stigmatized for doing so. Those who have detransitioned, or are contemplating it, deserve our widespread support. They do not need to be marginalized by bullies who are too ideologically corrupt, or greedy, to realize that transgenderism is a monumental fraud.

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