Op-ed: EUTHANASIA of young, healthy women in the Netherlands a warning to Canada

The euthanasia of young, healthy women in the Netherlands ought to serve as a warning for Canada, according to an op-ed.

Writing for LifeSiteNews, Jonathon Von Maren issued this remark in an April 20 op-ed for the pro-life news outlet. He pointed out that while the Netherlands took 20 years “for their euthanasia regimes to reach this point,” that of Canada took “scarcely five years.”

“Still, there are a few cautionary lessons Canada can learn from what is unfolding in the Netherlands – especially as the Trudeau government refuses to cancel their plans to expand eligibility for state-sanctioned suicide to those suffering exclusively from mental illness,” Von Maren wrote. The pr0-life activist added that “sustained public pushback” only triggered a pause on the planned policy.

Von Maren cited two cases in the Netherlands to bolster his point. The first woman, Jolanda Fun, decided to undergo assisted suicide on April 25. The 34-year-old resident of North Brabant province in the Netherlands opted for euthanasia as her life, despite what her surname says, had been devoid of fun for the longest time.

Fun “was diagnosed with a litany of mental health problems” at age 22. She has since underwent several therapies and has never been able to hold down a job. But when a counselor told her two years ago that euthanasia was an option for her, Fun – who was 32 at the time – decided it was the only door left for her.

Another case was that of Zoraya ter Beek, a resident of the eastern Twente region. The healthy 28-year-old woman decided to die by euthanasia as she suffered from depression and autism. Ter Beek chose assisted suicide “despite having a boyfriend she loves very much, as well as several beloved pets.” (Related: Physically healthy 28-year-old Dutch woman with autism and depression given approval to end her life through assisted suicide.)

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The woman said she plans to undergo assisted suicide at home. According to Von Maren, ter Beek’s decision to choose euthanasia followed a claim by a psychiatrist who told her that “it’s never [going to] get any better.”

Von Maren: Suicide would become the only “service” the government is capable of providing access to

“I want to step out of life. I’ve been struggling with this my whole life,” Fun defended her decision to undergo assisted suicide. Ter Beek also shared the same sentiment, explaining: “I was always very clear that if it doesn’t get better, I can’t do this anymore. I don’t see it as my soul leaving, but more as myself being freed from life.”

“We all know somebody who suffers and struggles like Jolanda. We all know somebody like Zoraya, who struggled with depression and at times feels like giving up,” Von Maren continued. “We all know somebody – probably many people very close to us – who will become eligible for a lethal injection should Justin Trudeau remain prime minister long enough to implement his government’s planned expansion of Canada’s euthanasia regime.”

The pro-life activist warned of a “bloodbath” the moment Ottawa “brings in suicide-on-demand.” According to him, euthanasia deaths in the country are already over four percent of all recorded deaths annually.

“In Canada, it is incredibly difficult to get help for mental illness – and for many, assisted suicide will become the default option. Euthanasia will become the only thing they are actually eligible for. Suicide would become the only ‘service’ the government is actually capable of providing access to,” Von Maren ultimately remarked.

“In theory, you can get an appointment with a psychiatrist. [But] in practice, only the ‘[medical assistance in dying] provider’ is available to you. We are already seeing this with all kinds of healthcare services, from palliative beds to hospital beds to cancer care – fundamental failures of the system result in desperate, suffering people opting for a lethal injection instead.”

Watch this clip from “Timcast IRL” where host Tim Pool and his guests discuss the assisted suicide of Zoraya ter Beek.

This video is from the SecureLife channel on Brighteon.com.

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