NHS bosses use a four-step playbook to eliminate healthcare whistleblowers concerned about patient safety

When patients were being pumped full of Remdesivir, sedated and put on ventilators, healthcare professionals were largely afraid to speak up. Even though patients were being denied efficacious treatments; even though their organs were damaged while they were isolated and left to die, most doctors and nurses stood by and said nothing. Doctors and nurses were afraid to speak up about the horrors of inhumane hospital protocol, the failures of COVID-19 testing, the harms of unlawful mandates and the scourge of vaccine injuries because England’s National Health Services (NHS) had a plan to target any whistleblower who spoke up about patient safety.

Healthcare professionals work in a culture of lies and coverups, are subject to law-fare and investigations if they speak up about medical error

Some doctors and nurses did speak up, however, and they did so with great courage and bravery. Today, they are coming forward and talking about how the NHS bosses went after them, threatening their careers and their lives for daring to raise concerns about patient safety.

During the covid-19 era, government granted hospital systems immunity from liability. This protected the institutions from medical malpractice and wrongful deaths suits, bolstering a system of fraud and abuse. During this time, the NHS fostered a culture of fear, forcing healthcare professionals to follow harmful protocols against their conscience while intimidating individual doctors and nurses if they spoke up for their patient’s safety.

At least 50 persecuted doctors and nurses have come forth with evidence that the NHS targeted them for elimination. These healthcare professionals spoke up about 170 patient deaths and nearly 700 cases of poor care that led to medical malpractice.

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Out of 52 medical professionals who spoke up, 41 were subjected to counter allegations and an investigation of intimidation, which included former police officers investigating their lives. Only 28 of the medical professionals had their concerns looked at by their employers, but most of the internal investigations were reportedly not conducted properly and did nothing to improve patient care. Of the 52 whistleblowers, 25 faced disciplinary action, 19 were suspended and 16 were dismissed.

Nine of the doctors were threatened with a referral to the General Medical Council (GMC) if they didn’t withdraw their complaint or stop raising patient safety concerns. A total of twenty-two whistleblowers were referred to the GMC regulators thirty times.

NHS bosses persecute doctors and nurses who raise serious issues in the medical field

Instead of addressing serious life-and-death issues in the medical system, the NHS bosses spent millions of pounds of taxpayer money to hire law firms and investigators to harass and target healthcare whistleblowers. It was all part of a four-step playbook to break the whistleblowers and eliminate them from the medical field.

After hearing interviews with these persecuted doctors, it’s clear that the issues of fraud and abuse in the medical system are systemic issues that originate from the top. The doctors report persistent bullying and harassment from managers and colleagues, in a work environment that creates a culture of coverups and lies. NHS bosses hire private investigators to intimidate whistleblowers.

In the NHS system, whistleblowers are subject to a MHPS investigation, which stands for “maintaining high professional standards.” This investigation lasts six weeks or longer and allows NHS trusts the absolute power to be the judge, jury and executioner over the whistleblower, with no accountability for their heavy-handed actions and no due process for the targeted whistleblower.

Law firms are conscripted to further the intimidation with letters demanding that healthcare professionals resign or face suspension. Healthcare professionals who do not obey the NHS bosses are put through years of internal investigation, disciplinary hearings and expensive legal battles. The overwhelming momentum of these attacks often push the whistleblowers over the edge. The financial, personal and professional pressure causes great anxiety and stress on the most courageous medical professionals. Many whistleblowers face depression and suicidal thoughts because of this and have no choice but to quit and seek a new life — their concerns blacklisted and ignored. Some of the whistleblowers are offered a way out of their predicament and are coerced to sign non-disclosure agreements that allow them to return to work if they pledge to stay quiet about their concerns.

These courageous healthcare workers deserve to be reinstated and compensated, and future whistleblowers must be protected. Reforms must be put in place to hold accountable the NHS apparatus that currently has unchecked power to coverup systemic medical errors and wrongful death and abuse those who speak up about it.

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