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Cuomo goes for broke, threatens $100,000 fines on NY hospitals that don’t use all their vaccines in seven days

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is prepping his broken, dilapidated medical police state for the next round of medical tyranny. Under Cuomo’s new “Use it or Lose it” vaccination distribution plan, hospitals will be fined $100,000 if they do not use up all their coronavirus vaccines in seven days. Any hospital provider that does not meet the government’s quota for “shots in arms” can be disqualified from future distribution and be subject to “more serious sanctions.”

Suddenly operating under a dictator, New York hospitals will also be fined if they vaccinate in an “inequitable” fashion. The state desires that certain groups of people be vaccinated first, and each herd of people are to be vaccinated in the correct order, or the hospital will be fined. Should a clinic administer the vaccine to somebody before their turn, they could face a fine of up to $1 million.

Dictator Cuomo incentivizes hospitals to force vaccines and treat people as if they belong to herds

The safest way for hospitals to navigate this medical tyranny is to NOT order the vaccines at all. If they order too many and people don’t want them, then the state will fine them $100,000 for every week that the hospital fails to force the shots into people’s arms. If the hospital rushes to get as many people vaccinated as possible, they run the risk of vaccinating people in violation of Cuomo’s equitable distribution orders, leading to even more heinous fines.

Cuomo’s medical tyranny incentivizes hospitals to secretly destroy the vaccines they do not use, so no fines are issued to them. Alternately, this force of government also incentivizes the hospital to engage in unlawful tactics in order to force vaccines into people’s arms. Hospitals are already promising healthcare workers a financial incentive if they get the shots. Some public health officials want to allow vaccine recipients to get just one shot out of the two-shot protocol, even though this circumvents the scientific process laid out by the drug companies. In order to get as many people vaccinated as possible, hospitals will have to use aggressive marketing campaigns and coercive tactics. Cuomo’s medical tyranny is pushing hospitals to abandon informed consent. His actions are pushing New York one step closer to mandatory vaccinations.

Vaccination is an individual choice, not a government mandate

Throughout 2020, hospitals received financial incentives from the government for every covid-19 diagnosis. Now the broke, shutdown state of New York looks to get that money back from the hospitals by fining the hospitals if they don’t force the vaccines into the population fast enough. Government officials should not be telling hospital CEOs, directors and medical professionals how to run their facilities and how to care for patients. Vaccination is a person choice, especially when the vaccines are an experimental new operating system that modifies the RNA of the recipient. Hospitals should be providing patients with comprehensive, informed consent about these vaccinations, instead of operating out of fear and coercion. Doctors must follow the American Medical Association’s code of medical ethics, of which, informed consent is essential to any medical intervention. By rushing to get “shots in arms,” medical professionals are forced to betray their code of medical ethics. This forceful culture of vaccination will inevitably maximize vaccine injury and bring about a new wave of hospitalizations.

If history has shown us anything, Cuomo’s forceful culture of medical tyranny has led to widespread medical malpractice, medical error and wrongful death. Cuomo’s berserk policies pushed sick patients back into nursing homes, only to rapidly infect the most vulnerable populations. He refused federal Navy assistance, leading to overcrowded hospitals. In the process, inner city New York hospitals betrayed viable treatments for sick patients and pushed scores of people onto ventilators, destroying their lungs and causing nosocomial infections. The patients were treated less than human, and their family members were denied the right to be by their side. Victims were sedated and isolated until they were pronounced dead on the machines.

Cuomo’s medical tyranny continues to prolong the genocide masked as covid-19.

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