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Wearing face masks coated in graphene can cause serious lung problems, warns Health Canada

Wearing face masks could cause catastrophic lung problems, especially if they are the kind coated with graphene. This is despite the fact that advocates of masks and mask mandates believe that wearing them is essential to preventing the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading.

The latest evidence proving the dangers of wearing face masks comes from Health Canada, the country’s national public health agency. It warned Canadians to not use face masks that contain graphene because people could inhale graphene particles.

Graphene is a nanomaterial that supposedly has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Manufacturers have been coating face masks with graphene and selling them as miracle cures for COVID-19.

According to the proponents of graphene-coated face masks, there are three main ways these masks supposedly damage viruses and harmful cells.

First, microscopic graphene particles have sharp edges that allegedly mechanically damage viruses and cells as they pass through them. Second, graphene is negatively charged with electrons. These electrons supposedly electrostatically trap and inactivate viruses. Third, graphene allegedly damages cells by impairing their metabolism.

Research shows graphene can cause significant lung injuries

Research clearly shows that graphene is dangerous, and if inhaled it could lead to disastrous respiratory conditions.

One study found that binding human cells to graphene damaged the cells. An animal experiment from 2016 found that mice with graphene in their lungs experienced localized lung tissue damage, inflammation and the eventual formation of granulomas. These formed because their bodies attempted to fend off the graphene by walling it off. The researchers also found persistent lung injury similar to what happens when humans inhale asbestos. (Related: BOMBSHELL: Disposable blue face masks found to contain toxic, asbestos-like substance that destroys lungs.)


Another study from March 2020 developed biological models that simulated the impact of high concentrations of aerosolized graphene on industrial workers. Their study found that long-term industrial exposure to graphene induced inflammation and weakened the protective barriers of the lungs.

These three studies show the health impacts of breathing in microscopic graphene in large doses, which is what will inevitably happen due to the requirements of many local, state and national governments around the world for masks to be worn at all times.

Health Canada’s own preliminary assessment of the research has identified that inhaled graphene particles have the potential to cause early lung toxicity. This potential health risk was enough for the agency to warn people against using face masks labeled to contain either graphene or biomass graphene – graphene made from biomass waste.

The agency has asked mask manufacturers to assess the potential health risks of their graphene-coated masks. Health Canada is focusing on two specific manufacturers of face masks with graphene and is in the process of determining the safety and effectiveness of their products. It said in its statement:

“Until the Department completes a thorough scientific assessment and has established the safety and effectiveness of graphene-containing face masks, it is taking the precautionary approach of removing them from the market while continuing to gather and assess information. Health Canada has directed all known distributors, importers and manufacturers to stop selling and to recall the affected products.”

While the federal agency has no power over the decisions of Canadian provinces, it has written to their provincial health departments advising them to cease the distribution and use of masks containing graphene.

In a separate statement, Health Canada told CTV News that the health risks associated with masks with graphene or biomass graphene are unacceptable.

“Unless the manufacturers of these masks can provide substantial evidence to support the safe and effective use of graphene-coated masks, Health Canada considers the risk of these medical devices to be unacceptable.”

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