Brazil’s socialist government threatens to WITHHOLD welfare payments to parents who REFUSE TO VACCINATE their children against COVID-19

Socialist Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has announced a plan to include the dangerous and ineffective Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine in the National Immunization Program (PNI) in 2024. He has also threatened to cut welfare payments to families who refuse to vaccinate their children.

“If I have to do ten, fifty COVID-19 vaccinations, I’ll do as many as I have to because I like my life. I think everyone has to like their children’s lives and get their children vaccinated at the right age,” Lula said.

According to the government-owned news agency Agencia Brasil, the inclusion of the COVID-19 vaccine in the PNI would mandate yearly injections for children aged six months to five years. Those who fail to comply will be deprived of state support, including the “Bolsa Familia” program, the largest welfare program in the country that seeks to combat hunger.

Health officials of Brazil have supported Lula’s and even released their own statements to persuade the public.

“It is an important change, aligned with the World Health Organization, in which the vaccine against COVID-19 is incorporated into our PNI,” Brazilian Secretary of Health Ethel Maciel said.

However, renowned scientist and journalist Simon Goddek argues that such mandates reflect an authoritarian approach reminiscent of communist regimes. He brought attention to X, formerly known as Twitter, that families who fail to comply “face hefty fines, loss of social aid like ‘Bolsa Familia’ or worse, having children taken away.”


“While voicing the full extent of my concerns could land me behind bars in Brazil, it’s clear that politicians like Lula prioritize lining their pockets over safeguarding our young ones. Please remain vigilant and unvaccinated, and question the motives behind such draconian and harmful measures,” he continued in his tweet.

COVID-19 vaccine mandate for kids sparks debate

The controversial decision of the Brazilian government has also sparked debates about the necessity of such measures, as numerous studies reportedly show that COVID-19 resulted in the deaths of children worldwide.

Earlier this year, EuroMOMO, a European Union project compiling statistical COVID-19 data, conducted an analysis on the direct correlation between the approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children and a surge in excess deaths among the age group of zero to 14.

The analysis revealed a jaw-dropping 63,060 percent increase in excess deaths by the 22nd week of 2023, after the emergency use authorization (EUA) granted by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The data covers 26 out of the 44 European countries. (Related: Data shows 63,060% increase in CHILD DEATHS since rollout of Pfizer’s COVID-19 jab for children in Europe.)

Expose News provided a detailed chart from Jan. 3 to March 27, 2022, to support the claim of the study. The chart – sourced from the U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA) Week 5, Week 9 and Week 13 COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance reports – categorized SARS-CoV-2 cases by vaccination status and age group in England. The findings painted a disconcerting reality and opposed the case rates among the triple-vaccinated population in every age group.

Notably, the EMA extended the EUA for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine during week 21 of 2021 – first for children aged 12 to 15, and later for the five to 11 age group. However, the subsequent weeks witnessed an increase in excess deaths among children. Between weeks 22 and 52 of 2021, there was a tally of 919 excess deaths among children aged zero to 14, compared to the preceding weeks.

The unsettling trend persisted throughout 2022, with a total of 1,639 excess deaths recorded among children aged zero to 14 across 26 European countries. Since the extension of the EUA to children, the continent has witnessed a distressing total of 3,148 excess deaths among children.

But despite this, Brasilia still passed a bill in 2019 that would criminalize the refusal to vaccinate children with any of the required childhood vaccines and may lead to prison sentences for parents who resist the mandates.

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Watch the video below that talks about the massive vaccine death rate from the fully vaccinated population.

This video is from Katy Odin’s channel on

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