U.K. nurses sue National Health Service for siding with transgender employee over allegations of sexual harassment in changing room

A group of 26 nurses in the United Kingdom have filed a lawsuit against the National Health Service (NHS) for siding with a transgender employee who allegedly harassed female staff in the women’s changing room.

The lawsuit, which stems from the policy of the County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, accused the hospital of sexual harassment and sex discrimination for allowing staff members who identify with a gender that differs from their biological sex to use facilities – including changing rooms, toilets and showers – that align with their chosen gender identity. In line with this policy, the changing facilities in the hospital are designated as single-sex, with open spaces reserved for seating and lockers but no individual cubicles. This policy has reportedly led to several uncomfortable encounters with the transgender employee.

According to the female nurses, the transgender colleague often spends time in the female changing room in revealing attire, sometimes with the person’s male genitalia visible. The employee would also allegedly stare at and initiate conversations with the biologically female nurses while they were changing. This behavior has reportedly caused significant distress among the nurses, some of whom have had histories of sexual assault by men. (Related: Female student RAPED in trans-inclusive restroom at New Mexico school.)

“It’s been really difficult for all of us,” the nurse said. “Some girls have had traumatic pasts; they’ve been abused by men. Some of them who have PTSD don’t want to be in a room getting undressed in front of a male. It’s had nurses on the ward crying.”

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Another nurse, who was sexually abused as a child, recounted a particularly distressing encounter where the transgender colleague, half-naked, repeatedly asked her why she wasn’t getting changed. Meanwhile, an international nurse on the team has started wearing a vest and leggings to maintain modesty around the transgender colleague. The secure nature of the changing room, which requires a key press and code for access, adds to their fears. They worry that in the event of an incident, no one will hear them calling for help.

Furthermore, the nurses revealed that the transgender worker claimed to have stopped taking female hormones so that the employee’s girlfriend could get pregnant.

The female nurses first raised their concerns with their respective human resources departments in August 2023, but no action was taken.

Nurses send open letter to NHS Foundation Trust

In March 2024, the 26 female nurses signed a letter to the NHS Foundation Trust’s director of workforce, detailing their discomfort and the inappropriateness of the situation. They expressed that having a sexually active biological male in the female changing facilities was “intimidating” and “upsetting.”

The letter received no response, but a subsequent meeting was held with their head of human resources. During the meeting, the nurses were informed that the hospital fully supported their transgender colleague and suggested that they needed to “attend training,” “be educated” and “broaden their mindset.”

“[My manager] was basically told that we needed to be more inclusive, broaden our mindset,” one of the nurses who works for the hospital system said. “The Trust are backing this individual. We need to be educated, which is just, I find that absolutely insulting. Totally insulting. And we needed to compromise.”

In response, Andrea Williams, the chief executive of Christian Legal Center, an organization supporting the lawsuit, criticized the hospital for failing to balance the rights of all staff members.

“This NHS trust is putting a dangerous and discredited transgender ideology ahead of staff and patient safety, not to mention biological reality. We are concerned that what the nurses here are experiencing is just the tip of the iceberg. How many more people across the NHS, in other professions and in public places are having to go through similar experiences?” Williams said.

“Telling educated, qualified and caring women that they need to be ‘re-educated’ and be more ‘inclusive’ for raising concerns about what is happening is deeply troubling,” she continued. “Instead of giving in to the climate of fear surrounding speaking out against transgender ideology, these nurses are now refusing to be silenced and are taking a courageous stand. We will support them at every step.”

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Watch Gabor “Gabe” Zolna talking about transgender inmates sexually assaulting biological women in prison below.

This video is from the zolnareport.com channel on Brighteon.com.

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