Shocking incident on X proves that psychiatrists and psychologists are power-hungry, narcissistic psychopaths

A self-proclaimed “[e]xpert in high functioning psychopaths, narcissists, coercive controllers: CEO’s [sic], professors, doctors, psychologists, lawyers, religion …” from the Kalmor Institute in Australia says she was attacked on X by deranged psychologists and psychiatrists after she called many of them out as narcissistic, psychopathic predators.

Dr. Karen Mitchell, PhD, wrote in a tweet dated June 28 that “[m]any, many psychologists and psychiatrists are narcissists / psychopaths / predators” who “LOVE the control and power it gives them over people, the way they engage in manipulation, the ability to apply sadistic behaviours, all without being suspected and with the added delight of being able to use their professional role against the client if ever challenged or exposed.”

“Be cautious who you give your trust to,” Mitchell warned in the same post, which drew a litany of fury from the very people in the profession to which she was referring.

Mitchell described the four kinds of psychologists and psychiatrists that exhibit these dangerous and destructive traits: predators; those who deny that predators exist; those who fail to fully understand predators; and those who understand fully the threat of predators within the mental health profession.

“Predators gravitate to vulnerable populations and those seeking support for mental health issues are truly vulnerable as well as suggestible which appeals to the predator’s need for control,” Mitchell wrote about the predators.

As for those who deny the existence of predators because they cannot comprehend how someone could be so evil, Mitchell added that these types are often very outspoken and “dangerous in their ignorance.”

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Those simply lacking in understanding who are on the journey of learning are doing a good thing, according to Mitchell. They will eventually join those who get it fully either through direct experience with predators or because they learn about them from their damaged clients.

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Beware mental health “professionals”

Mitchell’s X thread about all this is very direct. And because it calls out basically an entire profession, many so-called mental health “professionals” lashed out against her for offending and upsetting them.

In a response tweet to all the hateful feedback she received, Mitchell said some of the responses were “nothing short of abusive” as people “judged, character-assassinated, misunderstood, humiliated, (and) disrespected” her.

“I feel physically sick,” she wrote. “I am stunned at the maliciousness and demeaning nature of the group bullying from mental health professionals. I am really, really distressed.”

One of the nasty comments Mitchell received came from someone named “Dr Annie Hickox” (@DrAnnieHickox) who accused Mitchell of being illiterate concerning mental health.

“Mental health literacy still has a long way to go, I guess,” Hickox further wrote.

Mitchell’s responses appeared to be mostly positive, though, with the above being the only negative one this writer could find that Mitchell retweeted. Many others reached out to Mitchell to encourage her, it appears, with one stating that she believes Mitchell’s work should be taught in schools.

“This is domestic violence!” this person wrote. “Our children are exposed to this! Child custody litigations are ugly and are high up there on the list of where narcissist [sic] are found!”

Another wrote that it is “always drama” when dealing with the types of predators and predator enablers Mitchell hopes people will avoid for their own protection.

“The government, law enforcement, media including social media, every upper management person, and 90% of the people on X are like this,” wrote another about where the worst people in the world live, work and spend their time online.

More related news about the many corrupt and evil facets of modern medicine can be found at

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