Same media that hypes influenza to push vaccines is covering up the truth about disease-infested illegal immigrants

There’s a massive disinformation campaign currently underway that aims to deceive the public about what’s really happening at America’s southern border. While the Leftist media would have us all believe that the so-called “migrant caravans” are filled with innocent women and children who merely want a chance at a better life, the truth of the matter is that these roving hordes are filled with violent, foreign invaders – and many of them are also active carriers of deadly illnesses like tuberculosis, hepatitis, and HIV.

The mainstream media, eager to pander to these potential new Democratic voters, is not only covering up the truth about the risks to public health posed by the “migrant caravans,” but is even going so far as to claim that “[m]igrants don’t bring disease.” “In fact, they fight it,” was the precise claim made by NBC News which, as far as we know, hasn’t taken in any “migrants” at any of its studios.

Nevertheless, the message being conveyed over and over again is this: Migrants are wonderful people who don’t have any diseases and who, by their very presence in the United States, are somehow able to fight disease – citing fake science in the process that’s meant to add an academic touch to the media’s blatant disinformation efforts to deconstruct America’s borders and meld into one world globalism.

As revealed by Judicial Watch, NBC News cited a study published in The Lancet entitled, “Global patterns of mortality in international migrants: a systematic review and meta-analysis,” which states migrant-disease claims represent a “false argument.” The study goes on to suggest that people who resist migrants are being divisive in an effort to “advance a populist agenda.”

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Concerning their disease risk, migrants are supposedly healthier than people in their host countries when it comes to dying from things like heart disease, cancer, and respiratory ailments. But buried deep down in the paper is an admission that migrants’ health superiority stops at hepatitis, tuberculosis, and HIV, which are cited as “exceptions.”

“Last we checked those are deadly diseases and Judicial Watch has interviewed medical experts that confirm illegal immigrants do indeed pose a serious public health threat to the U.S. by bringing dangerous diseases into the country,” stated Judicial Watch in a recent article, warning the American public about what open-borders policies threaten to do in society.

“Just last month a prominent physician in a key border state warned that the caravan streaming north from Honduras will undoubtedly bring infectious diseases into the U.S. Among them are extremely drug resistant strands of tuberculosis and mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and chikungunya that are widespread in the region,” the article adds.

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Not getting vaccinated is much more threatening than letting in thousands of diseased “migrants,” insists the mainstream media

Down in Venezuela, those fleeing the horrors of socialism are reportedly carrying with them similar illnesses, as well as others like malaria, yellow fever, diphtheria, dengue, and AIDS, reports indicate – diseases that, in many of the countries where Venezuelan migrants are fleeing, had previously been eradicated.

As you’ll notice, many of these diseases are among those constantly being referenced in mainstream media reports as “making a comeback,” supposedly due to fewer Americans getting vaccinated. In other words, if you’re not injecting yourself and your children with deadly chemicals, aborted human fetal tissue, and live viruses, you’re putting public health at risk.

However, when these same diseases are inside the bodies are politically-expedient “migrants,” whom the Left loves to pretend to care about in order to rally its base, the best thing to do is to pretend that there’s no risk at all.

This is how the mainstream media operates, and it’s the reason why millions of brain-dead Leftists are “outraged” every time there’s a new mainstream media report about a disease outbreak, which they’re notorious for blaming on a lack of vaccination. But when diseased migrants are being sent back home by border patrol, these same Leftists cry themselves into a pool of virtue-signaling tears over the “inhumanity” of the “Tangerine Tyrant” (a.k.a. President Donald Trump).

It’s clearly a pre-programmed response that’s been injected into the minds of the mainstream media-watching hordes that apparently believe everything they’re told, so long as it comes from the likes of MSNBC or CNN – even when it’s blatantly obvious that these fake news outlets are selectively reporting facts mixed with lies in order to push an agenda.

“Even the recent study twisted by the mainstream media acknowledges that illegal immigrants are likely to carry hepatitis, tuberculosis and HIV,” adds Judicial Watch about the most recent set of lies concerning the “migrant caravans.”

“Selectively burying the information doesn’t change the severity of the matter. Though not a mainstream media outlet, a popular leftist news and opinion site went so far as to label those who claim migrants pose a threat to public health racist.”

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