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Senator Tom Cotton links novel coronavirus to Chinese “super laboratory” that handles “deadly pathogens”

According to the communist Chinese government, novel coronavirus is spreading because of bats, rats and snakes. But Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas vehemently disagrees.

In a recent statement, Sen. Cotton discussed a new study published in The Lancet showing that 14 of the original 40 people who developed coronavirus in Wuhan had never even stepped foot in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market where the virus is said to have originated.

“As one epidemiologist said, ‘That virus went into the seafood market before it came out of the seafood market,'” Sen. Cotton is quoted as saying, pointing out the fact that China is suddenly changing its story now that the truth is being revealed.

While nobody can yet say with absolute surety where novel coronavirus originated, Sen. Cotton pointed out that Wuhan “has China’s only biosafety level four super laboratory that works with the world’s most deadly pathogens to include, yes, coronavirus.”

This lab is known as the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and it just so happens to be China’s only lab that’s capable of working with this level of deadly pathogen, which suggests that novel coronavirus somehow escaped from it.

Earlier in the week, Sen. Cotton publicly called for a ban on all travel to and from China, “given the latest developments and the many unknowns about this virus.”

“We ought to follow Benjamin Franklin’s maxim: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Sen. Cotton wrote in a letter to the Trump administration.

Sen. Cotton tells Americans in China to get out while they still can

In lieu of an actual decree from Washington, Sen. Cotton is urging all Americans who are still in China to leave the country while they’re still able to do so.

As other countries like Iran issue indefinite bans on travel in and out of China, the U.S. is reportedly considering increased restrictions, at least. But there’s also talk of a full-on travel ban in the near future, which could leave Americans currently living in China without an option to flee.

“MESSAGE TO ALL AMERICANS IN CHINA: Get out – now,” reads Sen. Cotton’s public warning. “Contact our embassy or consulates if you need help.”

The U.S. State Department, it is now being reported, has already confirmed that a second chartered flight back to America will soon commence to evacuate American citizens who live around the area of Wuhan, which is under a mandatory quarantine.

Sen. Cotton also contends that China is lying about the number of people infected with and dying from coronavirus

In addition to not trusting the official story coming from the Chinese government about the true origin of novel coronavirus, Sen. Cotton is also suspicious about the official numbers, which he believes are far too low.

“There was a 28% increase in coronavirus cases overnight in China,” Sen. Cotton tweeted. “Make no mistake, though: these aren’t ‘new’ cases. Just what China is willing to admit. It’s much worse.”

In Sen. Cotton’s view, China needs to be dealt harsh consequences for all of its deception surrounding this global health emergency, especially once it can be shown that there’s a mass coverup taking place.

“For weeks, China did not come clean about the coronavirus that they first said was only being passed from animals to humans in a seafood market in Wuhan and China,” Sen. Cotton wrote in another tweet.

“But now we know … that it is increasingly being passed from person to person. We had our first confirmed U.S. case happen just in the last couple of days, and it is spreading around the globe.”

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