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World Health Organization chief is a Chinese puppet, STILL claiming there is no coronavirus “pandemic” as global cover for the Communist regime

One of the reasons why so many Americans have so little faith and trust in the United Nations and its various allied organizations is because they have so consistently worked against American principles, values and foreign policy objectives.

Not only that, these agencies have also lied to Americans so regularly it is almost as if that is their primary mission, and always in deference to authoritarian regimes, which should tell you what kind of governments are most common among UN members.

One of the most egregious UN propagandists of late has turned out to be the World Health Organization’s president, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, elected director-general for a five-year term in May 2017. 

Since the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus, Tedros has consistently downplayed its severity and impact, making it obvious that his biggest priority is manufacturing favorable publicity for the Communist regime in China.

Earlier this month, Natural News reported that Tedros moved to protect China’s Communists when he claimed that we should all be more concerned with allegedly bigotry and racism than with the spread of one of the more deadlier viral strains in recent years. 

Tyler Durden added:

Having once again earlier denied that the novel coronavirus is a ‘pandemic’, saying instead that it’s an epidemic with “multiple foci,” and with people dropping down dead on the streets in China (and being forced into ambulances), WHO Director-General Tedros reiterated his previous stunning praise for China’s “forceful measures” to halt the spread of the virus.

He also said that it wasn’t necessary to create “fear and stigma” by limiting trade and travel to China because of the outbreak.

Now, as Zero Hedge reports, Tedros said during WHO’s Monday morning press briefing that the outbreak isn’t yet a true “pandemic” because the world hasn’t seen “large-scale deaths.”

This, as the Trump administration prepares to make an emergency request to Congress for $1 billion spending package aimed at combating the virus’ spread.

‘Countries need to learn from China’s response’

“That’s right,” Durden noted. “On the same morning that the Chinese government is marching people back to work” because the country’s economy is tanking due to a virus-linked drop in production, “the WHO — which has repeatedly run interference for the regime — is insisting that the outbreak really isn’t that bad.”

This, as the virus has also been detected in patients around the world at an increasing rate — Iran, Italy, the United States, Canada, and Spain, among others. 

But hey — nothing to see here. 

Meanwhile, an Iranian lawmaker blew the whistle on the government by announcing that there are some 50 deaths in his country, even as cases begin to spread throughout the countryside. 

Not to worry, according to Tedros. We’re not seeing an “uncontained global spread,” you see, and “using the word ‘pandemic’ does not fit the facts.”

“We must focus on containment while preparing for a potential pandemic,” he added. 

“This is a shared threat,” he continued. “We can only face it together, and we can only overcome it together.” 

Mind you, his comments come almost a month after the WHO declared the outbreak a global public health emergency. 

That wasn’t all. Tedros once again had to praise the Communists in China, even though an increasing number of reports suggest that the virus was either manufactured in a lab in Wuhan City or escaped from a ‘secure’ BioLevel 4 facility there — or both.

“Other countries need to learn from China’s response” to the virus, which, if one takes that literally, means every country should mimic the regime’s “medieval lockdown” of its citizens, Durden notes, and its sequestration of resources for the exclusive use of China’s security forces. 

Got it. 

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