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Solano County, where critically ill woman exposed dozens of hospital workers to the coronavirus, is home to Travis Air Force Base that tried to export infected patients to city near Los Angeles

The California county where a now-critically ill woman exposed dozens of hospital staffers to the coronavirus is also home to Travis Air Force Base, where infected Diamond Princess patients have been housed in a quarantine unit.

The woman was not tested for 11 days because the CDC continues to withhold testing kits from the entire country. California Gov. Newsom declared in a news conference today that California has “just a few hundred testing kits” that he called, “simply inadequate,” reports the SF Chronicle.

The independent media — Natural News, Zero Hedge, InfoWars and Peak Prosperity — has been hammering this point for well over a week, asking why near-zero testing of people is being conducted in America. The totally discredited mainstream media, which has downplayed this entire pandemic from day one, claims it’s a “conspiracy theory” to cite the CDC’s own numbers that show only 445 people have been tested in the entire country:

State-by-state testing numbers are now published on, revealing that nearly all states have tested exactly zero people.

Although this point should be abundantly self-evident, if you don’t test anyone for the virus, you won’t find any evidence of infections.

The CDC continues to repeat they have “no evidence of community outbreaks” in America — a goal that’s easy to achieve when you aren’t testing anyone.

Travis Air Force Base tried to export infected patients to Costa Mesa, near Los Angeles

Last week, Travis Air Force base attempted to secretly export up to 50 infected patients to the Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa, utterly without any approval of Costa Mesa city leaders. The Fairview center was built to house neurologically impaired adults and has no biocontainment facilities whatsoever. The center has a history of mysterious deaths, violent assaults on patients and even patient rapes. Over 43% of the patients there are given hypnotic drugs, according to public records.

When city officials became aware of the Air Force plan to relocate infected patients there, they balked and filed a federal lawsuit, demanding a judge grant a temporary restraining order to halt the action:

Here’s what the lawsuit document says:

Statement of Facts:

Defendants intend to relocate from 35-50 patients already diagnosed with the Coronavirus from a secure location on Travis Air Force Base, where they are isolated from population centers, to Costa Mesa, a densely population city within a county of over 3 million. (Dempsey Decl. ??2, 6-7). And they plan to do so without first determining the suitability of the facility where the individuals will be housed. The Defendants’ plan was announced at the eleventh hour, with no efforts to include local government leaders or local public health officials. (Id.). Indeed, State officials demanded to know why local emergency personnel notified City leaders at all of the plan to introduce people with a deadly and highly communicable disease into the community.

As we point out in this previous story, the reason Travis Air Force Base needed to export infected patients is because the Air Force base has been overrun with infected patients.

They’ve run out of biocontainment beds, in other words, because California is experiencing a sustained, rapidly multiplying coronavirus outbreak that the CDC knows all about but chooses to hide from the public.

In fact, DHS, the FDA, the CDC and the NIH are all well aware that America’s cities are about to be hit with thousands of coronavirus infections. It’s already beyond containment in the United States, and the public has been lied to from day one.

Only the independent media has been reporting the truth about this virus, and Big Tech is making sure all indy media sources are banned in order to “control the narrative.”

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