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Now 24,000+ confirmed cases in the USA, with 288 deaths, increasing by the hour

We can barely keep up with the numbers. According to, there are now 24,000+ confirmed coronavirus infections in the USA, with 288 deaths. Things are moving at breakneck speed, and now the head of the NIH is predicting there will be 70,000 confirmed infections in the USA by the end of next week.


As many as 70,000 Americans could be confirmed as infected with coronavirus by the end of next week, marking a “pretty dramatic” increase in the number of confirmed cases, the director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, told his employees in an agency-wide conference call on Friday.

This doesn’t mean 70,000 people will get infected next week, it means the testing is finally starting to catch up to the reality of the situation, which is rather grim.

The top health official of the State of New Jersey is now telling us everyone will get the Wuhan coronavirus. Via

Persichilli, the state health commissioner, has become a familiar face in the state as the woman who calmly announces how many people have tested positive and died of COVID-19 disease each day. Behind the scenes, she is the health official who has been running the state’s day-to-day battle against the virus.

But at age 71, Persichilli is squarely in the age range that experts are warning to be most cautious.

“Are you worried,” I ask, “that you’ll get the coronavirus eventually?”

She smiles.

“I’m definitely going to get it. We all are,” Persichilli says matter-of-factly. “I’m just waiting.”

Gosh, that almost sounds like some sort of suicide cult talk. Prepare the Kool-Aid!

Here’s where the numbers are right now in terms of infections (actually the chart is already obsolete, it should say 24,000+)

And here’s the chart showing deaths. Notice that neither of these charts looks anywhere near “flattening.” In fact, this exponential trend has only just begun:

It’s not just old people who are dying, either. According to NY Gov. Cuomo, half the cases in the state are people under the age of 50.

Nearly 30% of the US population is now living under “lockdown” / quarantine conditions, and the virus is mostly spreading in high-density cities along the coasts.

Here’s the NYT map animation from yesterday. Notice that in reality, we are already at twice the number of infections shown in this animation:

For those living in LA, it’s too late to bug out, so hunker down and prepare to survive

For many years, we’ve been urging people to get out of the cities, which I have repeatedly characterized as “death traps” in a national emergency event. And now, Los Angeles County has surrendered to the virus, announcing there will be no more testing and no more containment. (Sheer insanity.) It’s just going to overrun the hospitals now, leading to mass death and regional collapse.

On the topic of collapsing cities, my staff wrote this story in 2017, more than two years ago: DEATH TRAPS: The Health Ranger explains why it’s impossible to evacuate large cities. The story contained a YouTube video which was banned under the censorship tyranny of Big Tech. Fortunately, we saved the video and it’s now posted on

As you listen to this, remember this was years ago that we issued this warning. From the podcast: “The big long-term plan for cities… like Los Angeles, the plan for the cities when the chaos really comes… when the economic collapse happens, the plan is not to go in and try to police those cities. But rather for law enforcement to stand off and simply contain the violence of the city. Law enforcement, they already know that they won’t be able to control the chaos in the cities… the murder, the violence, the arson…”

Just as I saw years ago what we’re all seeing right now, I know what’s coming next. I can see the next two years and how this plays out. I’ll be covering the collapse of society and the rebuilding of the “Next Society” in upcoming podcasts at

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