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By next Tuesday, the Wuhan coronavirus will have killed more Americans than the entire Vietnam War, a conflict that lasted YEARS… and deaths continue to climb by thousands per day

In early March, I publicly predicted there would be 580 coronavirus deaths in the United States by April 5th. At the time, the projection — which was based on solid mathematical modeling — seemed insane to most people. They couldn’t imagine 580 deaths from the coronavirus in the United States. (Most people are not very mentally flexible, and they can’t follow exponential math.)

Today, the number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States surpassed 50,000. As of this writing, the official number is 50,939.

By next Tuesday, this number will exceed the number of Americans who died during the Vietnam War (or “conflict” if you use the government’s official terminology). That number is 58,220, and it includes both combat deaths and non-combat deaths, according to historical records.

Daily deaths from the coronavirus in the United States continue to track at over 2,000 per day for most days spanning the last two weeks: (source:

It means the coronavirus is now producing war-level casualties in the United States. In fact, we believe it is a war — a biological war launched by China against the world, based on a genetically engineered weapon that was developed in a Wuhan BSL-4 laboratory (which turns it to have been partially funded by Obama’s NIH, by the way).

Even under strict lockdowns and social distancing measures, covid-19 continues to be the No. 1 cause of death in America on a day-to-day basis, greatly exceeding daily deaths from cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, car accidents or even the regular flu.

See this comparison chart for a visual representation using data from three days ago:

This of course blows away any last shred of denialism from those who desperately cling to the debunked myth that the coronavirus, “is no worse than the flu.”

Without lockdowns, we would already be at 4,000 deaths per day in the United States

Had the lockdowns not been put in place, we would right now be seeing a continuation of the initial exponential rise that has since “flattened” due to the lockdowns. According to our analysis, if the lockdowns had not been initiated in March, we would already be exceeding 4,000 deaths per day in the United States and on track to experience over 10,000 deaths per day by the first week of May.

By early July, the United States would have been witnessing 80,000 deaths per day.

The lockdowns have averted what would have quickly ballooned into millions of deaths. Remember that when you hear people who absurdly claim the lockdowns weren’t necessary (people like Ron Paul or Rush Limbaugh). They are intellectually dishonest when they claim the lockdowns weren’t needed since “only” 50,000 people died so far. Without the lockdowns, that number would be exploding into the kind of nationwide disaster that would have reached millions of deaths by Summer.

You can’t run an economy with dead people, it turns out, although the U.S. Treasury is certainly trying hard by sending bailout checks to the deceased.

Anyone who thinks the U.S. economy can be saved by ending all lockdowns with no precautions is delusional. Then again, they were delusional from the start and couldn’t even imagine 580 people dying, much less millions.

The lesson in all this is clear: Never listen to people who can’t psychologically handle rapidly changing circumstances. They lack mental agility and fitness, and they remain stuck in the past, suffering from normalcy bias that crippled their ability to see the future during times of accelerating change. They are not leaders of the future, they are followers of the past. And in times of a pandemic, they are dangerous to your survival.

Stay informed and stay alive. Read for the most accurate, science-based analysis in the independent media.

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