Monkeypox outbreak in Spain being spread through homosexual encounters among men

Once again, the left-wing media has been caught in a blatant act of propaganda and with something as potentially serious as monkeypox.

A report in The Guardian notes that there is an outbreak of the virus in Spain and that so far nearly two dozen ‘people’ have displayed symptoms.

The report notes:

Health authorities in Spain have issued an alert over a possible outbreak of monkeypox after 23 people showed symptoms compatible with the viral infection, which has already been detected in the UK and Portugal.

The health ministry cautioned that the suspected cases – all in the Madrid region – had yet to be confirmed, but said a nationwide alert had been issued “to guarantee a swift, coordinated and timely response.”

The regional health department in the capital of Madrid said that the suspected cases are being analyzed by the National Microbiology Center in order to come up with an official diagnosis.

“Generally speaking, monkeypox is spread by respiratory transmission, but the characteristics of the 23 suspected cases point towards transmission through mucus during sexual relations,” the health department noted in a statement.

“The people involved are doing well and are isolating at home, but a close eye is being kept on them in case they need hospital treatment.”

Okay, so far, so good, right?

Health authorities believe that around 23 “people” are infected, they are doing fine, isolating at home, and all the known cases thus far were spread via mucus during sexual relations.

Later in the article, The Guardian points out a very important detail but without any context or tie-in:


Fernando Simón, an epidemiologist who heads Spain’s health emergencies centre, said while it was unlikely that monkeypox would spread significantly, “that can’t be ruled out”.

Portuguese authorities have confirmed five cases and are investigating another 15 suspected cases. In a statement on Wednesday, Portugal’s health ministry said the cases it had detected – all in the Lisbon and Tagus Valley region – had all involved men whose symptoms included ulcerative lesions.

So, this leads us to believe that monkeypox is being spread primarily through homosexual male encounters, hence the media (and the health officials’) use of the non-specific descriptor “people” rather than men.

That seems like a rather important detail, wouldn’t you agree?

“The UK has reported similar cases of ulcerative lesions, with confirmed monkeypox virus infection,” Portugal’s health ministry added. “We are monitoring the situation at [a] national level and in conjunction with European institutions.”

Another important detail that should have been more prominent in the story is where health authorities believe the virus came from: Africa.

“The first of seven cases logged in the UK involved a person who had recently been to Nigeria,” The Guardian continued, “where they are believed to have contracted the infection.”

So, because we’re not allowed to blame anything on black people and gays, these two important details were left out of the story — until now.

“According to the UK Health Security Agency, all four of the most recent cases are men who identify as gay or bisexual or other men who have sex with men,” The Guardian finally admitted.

The UK health agency is asking those groups of people “to be alert” for potential symptoms which include the development of rashes and/or lesions on any part of their bodies, but especially their genitalia, and to contact health officials if such symptoms appear.

In fact, the vast majority of people are not racists and they are no bigots. People treat others generally how they are treated; it’s only the left that cares about what two people do in a bedroom and what color of skin they have.

But the fact is, if this is a disease that came from Africa and is prevalent among gay men, it is not racist or bigoted to say so and prominently.

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