Del Bigtree: CDC continues to promote vaccine schedule for babies despite the shots containing aluminum that causes asthma

“The HighWire” host Del Bigtree pointed out that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to promote vaccination schedules for babies, even though a recent government study showed that the aluminum in children’s vaccines are linked to asthma.

According to the aforementioned study published September 2022 in Academic Pediatrics, young children injected with most or all the aluminum-tainted vaccines in the schedule had a 36 percent higher risk of being diagnosed with persistent asthma than those who got fewer vaccines. The study authors, however, refused to point their fingers at the aluminum adjuvant.

Investigative journalist Jefferey Jaxen pointed out the study’s flaws. He remarked: “The bigger story here is not what the study included, but it’s what the study did not include.”

“It looked for the association between aluminum exposure for vaccines before age 24 months and persistent asthma at age 24 to 59 months and children were excluded if they were not using the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) site for preventative care.” The VSD project was established in 1990 by the CDC to study the adverse effects of vaccines.

According to Jaxen, listed on the site are children having less than two well-child visits between birth through 11 months, or zero well-child visits between age 12 to 23 months. Well-child visits are pediatrician appointments with immunization as the main purpose.

“They’re not allowing people that just didn’t go inside the VSD site. Those who went to an outside doctor, they’re excluded,” host Del Bigtree said. “It’s one of the scams they use. They exclude anyone that didn’t have at least two well-baby checkups.”


Furthermore, the study provided that children were excluded if they received a diagnosis of asthma. “They’re studying for asthma in any setting prior to age 24 months. The child develops asthma after the first 26 vaccine doses they received between zero to 24 months and they want nothing to do with these kids.”

Aluminum has been used in some vaccines since the 1930s, as an ingredient or adjuvant that provokes stronger immune protection. Babies by age two should be vaccinated against 15 diseases, according to U.S. recommendations. Aluminum adjuvants are in vaccines for seven of them.

Aluminum adjuvants have long been considered safe and effective, but experts noted a period of increased rates of allergies and asthma in children starting in about 1980.

“We are getting these milquetoast studies. They’re whitewashing the studies, they’re excluding kids, less than two well-child visits,” Jaxen commented.

Dr. Paul Thomas: For more accurate studies, no one should be excluded

Elsewhere in the show, Bigtree played his prior interview with integrative pediatrics practitioner Dr. Paul Thomas, wherein they discussed the “vaccine-friendly plan” created by the latter.

“In 2016, I created the dataset published in a peer-reviewed journal that included the vaccinated and unvaccinated in a study that’s based on real-world data of over 3000 patients all every single patient born into my practice,” Thomas recounted, highlighting that he did not cherry pick the participants of the study.

According to him, he was a pro-vaccine doctor trained in mainstream medicine until he started hearing from patients and seeing it for himself that all medical chronic conditions are clearly more prevalent in the highly vaccinated. He launched a study and had it rigorously quality-checked and eventually published in November 2020.

“It took months to get it through that process. But the data that was checked, it’s powerful,” the doctor said.

“For eye infections, way up in the vaccinated ear infections, throat infections, allergies, and then you go on down for lung infections, take it to the whole body, ADD, ADHD, anemia. All significantly increased. You’ll see on the summary, the orange curve for those with vaccines just goes up over the years. While it’s almost flatlined for the unvaccinated.” (Related: Dr. Stephanie Christner: Innocent people are walking into a poison prison called the vaccine schedule – Brighteon.TV.)

Visit for more news related to children’s vaccine schedule and its potential harmful adverse events.

Watch the full segment of “The HighWire with Del Bigtree” featuring Jefferey Jaxen below.

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