As usual, Big Pharma behind trans cosmetic procedures – big bucks to be made from mutilating children

Many plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures used typically by women to “enhance” their faces and bodies for beauty purposes are now being repurposed by the transgender industry to mutilate children so the pharmaceutical industry can rake in the profits.

Allergan Aesthetics, a drug company that provides products for these cosmetic procedures, is actually funding research into the promotion of these same procedures for transgenders.

“The company produces neurotoxins and other facial injections, as well as breast implants, and has financially supported doctors who administer those procedures for transgender patients or who are involved in research on the treatments’ impact on transgender people,” reports indicate.

One researcher who received a payment from Allergan wrote about this repurposing initiative, revealing that this is the next big market for Big Pharma to peddle its life- and body-destroying wares on a largely unsuspecting public.

“This isn’t the 65-year-old woman who comes in complaining of marionette lines or brown spots on her face,” this researcher is quoted as saying. “These are individuals who very deeply know that they are in the wrong body.”

“It’s medically necessary, ethical care that will help adolescents affirm who they are,” is the rhetorical twist that this paid hack added in promotion of Allergan and the transgender industry’s latest endeavor into the child mutilation market.

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Child mutilation is Big Pharma and the LGBT industry’s latest cash cow

Among other things, Allergan produces everything from Botox injections to breast implants, both of which are being marketed to children as ways to become their “true selves.”

Doctors on the dole of Allergan and other drug companies producing similar wares will rake in the big bucks both for promoting such procedures as well as performing them, while Big Pharma also generates massive new profits – transgender surgeries are expensive, after all.

Since child mutilation is also being reframed by the LGBT industry as medically necessary for “gender affirmation,” taxpayers, in some states, are being forced to foot the gargantuan bills generated when children decide to “transition.”

The entire racket is a multi-billion-dollar endeavor, of course, which is one of the big reasons why it is being pushed so heavily. It is not just the money, though – it is also about depopulating the planet, and particularly the West, allowing the globalists to kill two birds with one stone.

Since it is still somewhat uncouth, or at least not all that popular yet, for transgenders to undergo Botox procedures in addition to genital removal and other associated alterations, Allergan is pumping lots of cash into research that promotes the neurotoxic injections, as well as injectable facial fillers.

For transgenders, Allergan is selling Botox under another name as well, Juvederm, as well as funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into the coffers of consultants and other public speakers who have sold out like whores to the child mutilation industry.

One such study, funded by Allergan and conducted in 2021, claims that these facial cosmetic procedures are “minimally invasive,” thus making them appear safer than they actually are.

“Facial procedures can be of great benefit in enhancing patients’ self-perception and overall quality of life,” the company claims, adding that “the success of minimally invasive methods for assisting transgender patients in their facial remodeling goals and in the progress of their transition journey.”

It turns out that all seven “doctors” involved with the study have direct ties to Allergan as advisory board members, investigators, or paid consultants. One was also an employee and stockholder.

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