Bill Gates, WHO announce plans to send Africa millions of malaria “vaccines” that actually cause an INCREASE in disease

More than half a million children are said to die every year from malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. But rather than support them with clean water, nutrition and improved sanitation, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates wants to jab them all with questionable malaria “vaccines” instead.

Since Gates has never encountered a situation involving other people in which vaccines or another chemical abomination were not his proposed solution, it is only natural that he has chosen to send malaria-stricken Africa even more pharmaceutical injections.

There are no malaria vaccines in existence that provide actual sterilizing immunity, just to be clear. In fact, improved sanitation and living standards, as well as natural remedies like artemisinin, remain the best options for Africa to deal with its malaria problem.

Gates is not interested in practical solutions like these, though. He would rather inject as many Africans as possible with Mosquirix (RTS, S/AS01), a drug injection produced by British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that barely even works.

“Mosquirix not only does not provide sterilizing immunity, it requires four separate shots, and its supposed preventive effects only last a handful of months,” one report explained.

“Additionally, the drug is not only seemingly worthless, but uniquely dangerous.”

(Related: Late last year, Gates funneled another $7 billion into Africa to abort more black babies.)

Mosquirix shots increase risk of malaria and death

The largest trial ever conducted on Mosquirix produced dismal results. The jab cohort actually had worse outcomes than the placebo group, displaying a 10 times higher risk of meningitis and cerebral malaria, as well as a doubled risk of death.


One wonders: if Mosquirix does not prevent malaria and actually causes it while increasing the person’s risk of death, then what is the point of the shot, except to kill recipients?

Since Gates is behind the Mosquirix push, the apparent goal is to kill more people while pretending to help them. This is Gates’ modus operandi, after all.

It cannot be emphasized enough that Mosquirix does not provide any sterilizing immunity either in the long term or short. The drug also does not provide any efficacious benefits, rendering it completely useless in terms of supporting health.

Even so, the corrupt World Health Organization (WHO) has given Mosquirix its stamp of approval, falsely claiming that for every 200 malaria shots injected into people’s bodies, one child’s life will supposedly be saved.

At a cost of $9.44 per dose, UNICEF granted GSK, the lone supplier of malaria shots, a $170 million contract to unleash 18 million doses of Mosquirix in Africa – and this is only just the beginning.

According to reports, Gates and his cronies plan to create a system in which 80-100 million Mosquirix shots are injected annually into the arms of sub-Saharan African children, all the way through the year 2030.

“This would create a malaria vaccine industry in Africa that is poised to rake in close to $1 billion annually,” one report explains, citing 2021 forecasts from GAVI SDS claiming that “demand” for malaria vaccines will reach up to 100 million doses per year by the year 2030.

It would seem as though Gates and his Big Pharma buddies are really starting to shift their eugenics injection racket away from the West and into Africa, which appears to be the next big globalist market for pharmaceuticals.

Once the hundreds of millions of Westerners who got jabbed for COVID die off, this shift to Africa will really become more pronounced as the death industry rakes in billions of dollars in profits for murdering more black children and babies.

Learn more about what Bill Gates and the rest of the genocidal globalist cabal is up to at

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