Hospitals are now refusing to perform transgender LGBT mutilations to protect themselves from criminal liability

Because increasingly more transgenders are expressing regret over their decision to “transition” by filing lawsuits against the “doctors” who performed their elective mutilative surgeries, many hospitals, including those in states where transgender mutilation is still legal, are refusing to play ball anymore for their own protection.

To avoid potential lawsuits against their own employees or against the organizations themselves, hospitals in states like Missouri and North Dakota have reportedly halted all LGBT medical services. It seems it has become too risky because of all the inevitable litigation that will surely come their way if they continue.

As states one by one pass legislation to ban transgender mutilation for minors, medical facilities are seeing the writing on the wall and getting out of the business ahead of the future onslaught of legal filings that will crash like a 100-foot wave once all the LGBT dust settles.

Right now, at least 22 states have enacted, or are on the verge of enacting, new laws to ban or restrict gender and hormonal mutilation for minors. Every law in each of these states explicitly bans gender mutilation surgeries for minors.

These laws are creating a patchwork of varying policies across state lines that are causing especially regional medical providers that cover numerous states to take a step back and reconsider if offering gender mutilation services is really a smart idea, financially speaking.

“Medical institutions banning the mutilations cite a section of the law that increased the liability for providers,” one media outlet explains about this newfound reluctance among medical providers to provide LGBT-affirming “care,” especially to younger patients.


“Under it, patients can sue for injury from the treatment until they turn 36, or even longer if the harm continues past then. The law gives the health care provider the burden of proving that the harm was not the result of hormones or puberty-blocking drugs. And the minimum damages awarded in such cases would be $500,000.”

(Related: If reelected president in 2024, Donald Trump is promising to “sign a law prohibiting child sexual mutilation in all 50 states.)

The LGBT “transition” industry was a TRAP – those who fell for it now have a LOT of retribution to pay for their crimes against humanity

Take Georgia, for instance. There, minors are not prohibited from taking puberty blockers, but they are restricted from getting any surgeries. In nearby North Carolina, though, the law prohibits minors from taking puberty blockers and from receiving surgical “treatments” to become LGBT.

There are similar differences in Utah where young people who are already in the process of “transitioning” are still allowed to do so – the law stipulates that there can be no new children added to the drugging and surgery waiting list.

In other states where both hormonal treatments and LGBT surgeries are prohibited, even those children who are currently enrolled in “treatment” are now required to stop.

All of this is confusing, to say the least, and medical providers know it first-hand. Had they been moral to begin with, they never would have even begun “transitioning” anyone into an LGBT – but money rules the day, after all.

“It is only because they might now have to pay through the nose that these medical providers are no longer for transgenderism,” one commenter on a story about this aptly pointed out.

“Not that it has absolutely nothing to do with health, only money. If anyone needed further proof that the ‘medical profession’ is not to be trusted … here’s your sign.”

Another wrote that these “money-grubbing whores” would never have gotten involved with the LGBT transition industry in the first place had they known they would face liability for their crimes against humanity.

“Evil to the core,” this person wrote about the modern medical profession.

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