TRANS hormone treatments may be creating a wave of violent, deviant, mentally ill pedophile monsters who prey on children

An entirely new race of “people” is emerging out of the transgender movement as the hormone pharmaceuticals these mutants take as part of their “transition” often turn them into deviant, mentally ill monsters.

Take the female-to-male transexuals who undergo testosterone therapy in order to become “men.” Many of them report a marked increase in sex drive and aggression after being put on testosterone and undergoing sex reassignment surgery (SRS).

A citizens group called SF Public Safety News reported on one such case in which a female daycare worker took testosterone shots to turn into a “man.” She ended up seeing a massive surge in her libido that resulted in her proceeding to sexually abuse the children under her care.

Put another way, this female-to-male transitioner essentially became a pedophile after undergoing the LGBT treatments she was prescribed as part of her transition.

The daycare worker in question, by the way, ended up being sentenced to 25 years in prison for sexually abusing numerous children at daycare centers in both San Francisco and Livermore where she worked.

“Jace Wong, 28, born Robyn Danielle Wong, had earlier pleaded guilty to seven counts of production, distribution and possession of child pornography,” reports explain. “She was described by prosecutors as ‘a systematic predator of toddler and preschool aged children’ whose conduct was ‘among the worst imaginable.'”

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There is nothing natural or normal about transgenderism – and many trannies appear to be child predators

Wong reportedly filmed naked and partially dressed boys and girls in her care before proceeding to share the footage with other pedophiles in internet chat rooms, many of them LGBTs themselves.

“She manipulated children’s genitals and encouraged them to touch her inappropriately, describing in graphic detail further abuse she wished to perpetrate,” reports further explain. “Her phone contained videos created by others which included footage of the gravest possible sexual abuse of young children.”

All of this was blamed in the court, anyway, on the testosterone injections that Wong received as part of her “gender transition.” Wong also reportedly received a congenital diagnosis of Triple X syndrome, a made-up health condition associated with an unnatural increase in sexual urge and libido.

“It is arguable that the medical professionals involved in [Wong’s] gender transition should have exercised greater oversight and provided more guidance to this, at the time, young woman about the potential biological interactions of testosterone and [her] genetic disorder,” attorneys wrote on Wong’s defense.

“This is a horrific case,” commented U.S. District Judge James Donato about the case.

“In nine years on the bench, this is the first case I’ve had that involved the actual physical abuse of children and, in that sense, it is the gravest and the most serious and most reprehensible crime that I have seen with respect to child pornography.”

Wong was first taken into custody back in April 2021 during COVID following an undercover sting linking her to a video involving a chat with a girl aged between four and six, who in the footage had her pants down and privates exposed.

Upon searching Wong’s phone, law enforcement agents discovered an eight-minute-long video depicting sexual activity between a grown man and an underage girl.

“Makes you wonder what else is hiding in those testosterone shots,” one commenter wrote, speculating as to a more devious agenda taking place with these hormone reassignment therapies.

“Don’t blame the shots for this,” responded another. “They may increase your sex drive, but they will not turn you into a pedophile. She was one of those before the hormones.”

The transgender movement is a covert depopulation effort disguised as “living your truth.” Learn more at

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