Texas lawsuit against Pfizer fraud a game-changer for exposing COVID “pandemic” as criminal CONSPIRACY

Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas is setting the tone for the potential eventual downfall of Pfizer, one of the world’s most evil pharmaceutical companies.

As you may have heard, Paxton recently filed a lawsuit against Pfizer for “defrauding (the) public” with its mRNA Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines,” which have already injured and killed millions.

Pfizer has been making false claims from the very beginning, the suit alleges, and Paxton wants the drug giant to pay for its crimes against humanity.

Texas’ top prosecutor also claims that Pfizer has been waging an internet censorship war to try to shut up people who question the safety and effectiveness claims of the company’s COVID injections.

In Texas under the Texas Deceptive Trade Activities Act, Pfizer is guilty of deceptively marketing its COVID jabs based on lies. There is zero evidence, and plenty to the contrary, to show that Pfizer’s COVID shots do not have “95 percent efficacy” as widely claimed.

“While Pfizer’s 95% figure made its vaccines seem highly effective, the truth was quite different,” a report about the matter explains. “When it began making those claims, Pfizer possessed on average only two months of clinical trial data from which to compare vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.”

“Of 17,000 placebo recipients, only 162 acquired COVID-19 during this two-month period. Based on those numbers, vaccination status had a negligible impact on whether a trial participant contracted COVID-19.”

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Pfizer’s COVID jabs 0.85% effective at best

What makes Paxton’s case against Pfizer groundbreaking is the precedent it stands to set for the entire rest of the country to lodge the same type of complaint. Pfizer lied to the world and millions have died or become injured as a result.

The way Pfizer conducted its “clinical trials,” if you can even call them that, was so shady and deceptive that the company, quite frankly, should probably be shut down entirely. This can potentially happen if enough entities sue the drug giant and effectively bankrupt it, perhaps.

The true efficacy rate for Pfizer’s COVID jabs is not 95 percent, but rather 0.85 percent. This is basically a zero percent efficacy, which is the opposite of Pfizer’s near-100 percent efficacy claim.

Because Pfizer lied, people died. And because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was complicit, it, too, is in big part responsible for the genocidal outcome of the company’s jab release through Operation Warp Speed.

“… in early 2021, Pfizer deliberately created the false impression that its vaccine had durable and sustained protection, going so far as to withhold highly relevant data and information from the consuming public showing that efficacy waned rapidly,” reads the Plaintiff’s Original Petition in the case, which is officially known as State of Texas v. Pfizer.

Further, the FDA warned Pfizer at the time that it “needed” additional information concerning whether or not the jab protects against “transmission” of COVID. Instead of complying, the suit reveals, Pfizer engaged in a fear-mongering campaign that exploited public fears about the so-called “pandemic.”

Finally, Pfizer lied again when it made false and unsubstantiated claims about its “booster” shots for the many “variants” that were invented to keep the jab ruse going for as long as possible.

“Paxton is seeking that Pfizer refrain from making any future promises regarding the efficacy of its Covid vaccine,” En-Volve.com explains. “The Republican prosecutor also wants Pfizer to be barred from partnering with social media platforms in order to discourage open debate over the vaccine.”

When all is said and done, how many “fully vaccinated” for COVID will still be around in the next few years? Find out more at Genocide.news.

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