The six-foot social distancing rule was nothing but FRAUD weaponized against the people, and its architects are finally being exposed

When former President Donald Trump gave the national podium to Dr. Anthony Fauci in March of 2020, a bizarre edict was presented to the public — an edict that would go on to generate mass hysteria and societal upheaval.

This authoritarian new edict – the six-foot social distancing rule – was pushed onto the American people by Dr. Fauci during a live press briefing with the President’s Coronavirus Task Force. This rule underpinned the irrational guidelines for state-wide lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. This rule would embolden germaphobia, unleash mass mental illness throughout society, and permit governments free reign to assault civil liberties, while launching a barrage of insidious protocols and unlawful mandates. In many ways, social distancing was the virus that did so much damage to people’s lives, and it had no effect on stopping the sicknesses and iatrogenic errors that plagued people’s lives in 2020 and beyond.

Anthony Fauci claimed social distancing “sort of just appeared” even though he spearheaded the insanity

In a congressional deposition last week before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci finally admitted that the federal government’s six-foot social distancing rule was not based on any scientific evidence. In the deposition, Fauci claimed “it sort of just appeared” and is “likely not based on scientific data.”

In reality, Fauci was the one who brought the fraud forward at the national level. He used the rule to call for school shutdowns and ten person gathering limits that ultimately shuttered churches, small businesses, and left people to die alone, separate from their loved ones.

Fauci demanded social distancing and lockdowns remain long after the “14 days to slow the spread” propaganda campaign that the Trump-Pence Administration initiated. The insane precedent of social distancing was also used to radically transform the election system, ushering an illegitimate administration into the White House.

Social distancing is the reason people felt compelled to take experimental vaccines “to get back to normal.” Fauci obviously enjoyed pushing this psychological operation over the past four years — an operation that infected the minds of people from all walks of life and led them into the clutches of a false savior.

Former FDA Commissioner admits six-foot rule was arbitrary in 2021

In a 2021 media appearance, former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said “the six feet rule was arbitrary in and of itself.

“Nobody knows where it came from. The six feet is a perfect example of sort of the lack of rigor of how CDC made recommendations,” Gottlieb said. Germaphobia now permeates society because of social distancing propaganda.

In 2021, social distancing rules were still being enforced at the federal, state, and company levels, and paranoid people were still avoiding one another. Despite Gottlieb’s confessions, none of the federal agencies made corrections to social distancing rules, which underpinned all the hysteria behind unlawful mandates. Even these high-level confessions will not be enough to deprogram some people from the deception that is now wired into their brains.

Yale’s Gregg Gonsalves is one of the architects behind social distancing propaganda

One of the architects behind the 6-foot social distancing rule was Gregg Gonsalves, from the School of Public Health at Yale Law School. When the pandemonium began, Gonsalves wielded significant influence over several mainstream media outlets, including The Nation, where he worked as a public health correspondent, spewing out covid cult propaganda.

When the pandemonium began, Gonsalves wrote in Vox: “Unless we figure out how to sort of move toward what the New York Times called for the other day — a national lockdown of sorts – we’re just going to see cases increase and emergency rooms and ICUs across the country be filled to capacity.” Gonsalves used his social media repeatedly to argue for lockdowns and social distancing.

Outside of the media, Gonsalves took up an official position on social distancing in a court of law. In March of 2020, Gonsalves made an expert declaration under penalty of perjury. He stated, “Data from China indicates that the average infected person passes the virus on to 2-3 other people at distances of 3-6 feet.”

Under the expert declaration, Gonsalves provided medical reference for his 3–6-foot claim (footnote #7). After taking a closer look at the footnote, it becomes clear that Gonsalves didn’t cite actual medical evidence. Instead, he cited a New York Times article titled, “How Bad Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Get? Here are 6 Key Factors.”

Even stranger, inside the Times article there is no mention of “the data from China” that Gonsalves so proudly asserts. His expert claim is based on an artist’s drawing inside the article, one that depicts 6-foot social distancing as the stop point for the spread of coronaviruses.

The drawing inside the article has no medical or scientific precedent. It turns out that the drawing cited by Gonsalves is nothing but hysterical propaganda and irrational conjecture. Now, Gonsalves must answer for this gross error because he made the claim as a legal declaration in court.

Fauci cannot simply dismiss the social distancing charade after he threatened civil liberties and ushered in a complete breakdown of the rule of law. Fauci and his colleagues must be held accountable for the policies of subjugation and societal destruction that emanated from his baseless, authoritarian edicts. Architects behind this psychological operation, such as Gregg Gonsalves, should also have to answer for their actions in a court of law.

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