Safrax’s Steve Dan discusses the benefits of CHLORINE DIOXIDE with the Health Ranger

Safrax’s Steve Dan joined the Health Ranger Mike Adams on the latter’s “Health Ranger Report” to talk about the benefits of chlorine dioxide.

The founder of Natural News and cited the various uses of chlorine dioxide, such as sanitizing surfaces and purifying water for drinking. According to him, chlorine dioxide is an essential part of every prepper’s bag of tools.

Dan agreed, noting that his company founded in 2011 offers tablets that make chlorine dioxide instantly by just adding them to the water. He explained that chlorine dioxide can be used in many ways from water purification, surface disinfection and air disinfection among others. It can also be used as a pesticide against bedbugs and cockroaches, and as a food wash to thoroughly clean fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

“You can pretty much use it everywhere,” the Safrax founder continued. “It is very powerful for odor removal. This is actually the strongest odor-removal product that you have on the market; you don’t have anything stronger to remove odor.”

Dan pointed out that a high concentration of chlorine dioxide can eliminate strong odors within 24 to 48 hours. Adams agreed, mentioning that it was effective in getting rid of skunk odors.

Dan: Chlorine dioxide eliminates ALL pathogens when used as a surface sanitizer

The Health Ranger also mentioned how chlorine dioxide was used to sanitize surfaces in many countries during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He asked his guest what kinds of pathogen can chlorine dioxide inhibit or destroy. In response, Dan said chlorine dioxide eliminates all pathogens and viruses, including resilient bacteria strains, when used as a surface sanitizer.

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According to the Safrax founder, the chlorine dioxide molecule possesses high potency and oxidation potential – enabling it to destroy various pathogens. Up to now, there is no virus or bacteria that chlorine dioxide cannot eliminate. Even Ebola, one of the strongest and most dangerous viruses, can be eliminated by using 2,000 parts per million of chlorine dioxide.

Meanwhile, Adams disclosed that he has a lot of chlorine dioxide available for emergency preparedness, such as emergency off-grid first aid and sanitizing functions. He asked his guest if Safrax already has similar products, to which Dan replied in the affirmative.

According to Dan, his company came out with one such product for the hotel industry – a slow-release bag with a zeolite stone inside that can be dipped into chlorine dioxide and used to clean the air in an enclosed space.

This slow-release bag can purify and improve air quality, reduce allergens and eliminate mild odors and harmful volatile organic compounds. It can last from one to three months and is good for about 50 cubic meters of space.

Aside from this, Safrax has made five smaller bags containing 100 chlorine dioxide tablets. When opened, these can be used daily within a 30-day period. But if left unopened, they can last from three to six months.

Dan added that his company is also coming out with smaller containers that are more akin to survival packaging bags. “Each package will actually have six individually wrapped tablets. So, we will have about 10 of those inside the survival bag – which will be more resistant and waterproof. And it’s much easier to travel with it,” he told Adams.

“You can just put it pretty much in your pocket, on your car, wherever you are. And if you just need one to disinfect or to purify water, you just take one tablet and you keep the rest. So, it’s more in the vision of [a] survival bag.”

The Safrax founder said all their bags, regardless of size, contain the same chlorine dioxide tablets that can be used to sanitize the air, remove odors and disinfect surfaces.

Watch the full conversation between Safrax founder Steve Dan and the Health Ranger Mike Adams below.

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