Canadian Broadcasting Corporation trying to undermine British report that details the dangers of transgender interventions on children

The taxpayer-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is trying to undermine the findings of the United Kingdom’s National Health Services’ Cass Review detailing the dangers of medical transgender interventions on children by citing contradicting findings from international medical bodies.

Cass Review is the world’s largest review into transgender interventions for minors. Hilary Cass, a pediatrician commissioned by the U.K.’s NHS to review available transgender services for dysphoric minors, found that “gender medicine” is “built on shaky foundations” and that while these drastic interventions should be done with extreme vigilance, “quite the reverse happened in the field of gender care for children.” (Related: Top North Carolina health systems push transgender mutilation of children: report.)

“While a considerable amount of research has been published in this field, systematic evidence reviews demonstrated the poor quality of the published studies, meaning there is not a reliable evidence base upon which to make clinical decisions or for children and their families to make informed choices,” Cass wrote in the report.

The report also includes key findings, such as:

  • The rationale for early puberty suppression remains unclear, with weak evidence regarding the impact on gender dysphoria, mental or psychosocial health. The effect on cognitive and psychosexual development remains unknown.
  • The use of masculinizing/feminizing hormones in those under the age of 18 also presents many unknowns, despite their longstanding use in the adult transgender population. The lack of long-term follow-up data on those commencing treatment at an earlier age means we have inadequate information about the range of outcomes for this group.
  • Clinicians are unable to determine with any certainty which children and young people will go on to have an enduring trans identity.

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Moreover, Cass commissioned the University of York in northern England to conduct several analyses as part of the review. As it turned out, the researchers found that 23 reviewed clinical guidelines “were not independent or “evidence-based” because those studies were written by activists driven by ideology, not medicine.

But the CBC has tried to downplay the revelations in its article. It argued that the findings contradict the recommended standard of care endorsed by various international medical organizations. The CBC even interviewed Canadian doctors who dispute the findings that there is a lack of evidence supporting the effectiveness of puberty blockers.

“There actually is a lot of evidence, just not in the form of randomized clinical trials,” said Dr. Jake Donaldson, a family physician in Calgary specializing in transgender care. “That would be kind of like saying for a pregnant woman since we lacked randomized clinical trials for the care of people in pregnancy, we’re not going to provide care for you… It’s completely unethical.”

Van Maren: CBC fails to acknowledge extremely relevant facts against transgender care

Jonathon Van Maren, a public speaker, writer and pro-life activist, argued in his article written for the Life Site News that the CBC did not explain why many European countries are turning away from these treatments.

For instance, Belgium and the Netherlands have joined the growing list of European countries reconsidering the use of puberty blockers, particularly in children after the publication of the Cass Review. In Belgium, medical professionals are advocating for reforms in gender care for children and adolescents, urging a shift akin to the practices observed in Sweden and Finland. These countries view hormonal treatments as a last resort, rather than relying on puberty blockers as a primary intervention.

Similar pressure is mounting in the Netherlands, where parliament has initiated research into the physical and mental health impacts of puberty blockers on adolescents. Even institutions like the Amsterdam Center of Expertise on Gender Dysphoria, which previously supported the Dutch protocol, are now reconsidering their stance.

Britain, which has recently restricted the use of puberty blockers to individuals under 18, followed suit. Originally integrated into gender treatments, these blockers were widely adopted based on the “Dutch protocol,” pioneered in the Netherlands in 1998. However, recent scrutiny has led to a reassessment of their efficacy and safety.

This shift is reflected in the recent actions of countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, which have implemented tighter restrictions on hormone treatments for adolescents.

Watch the video below that talks about protecting the youth from transgenderism’s false ideology.

This video is from the Flyover Conservatives channel on

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