SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY DESTROYED: Fauci’s NIAID received $690 Million in kickbacks during his COVID-19 vaccine mandates

A bombshell lawsuit has forced the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to release information they kept concealed regarding royalty deals the government health agency made with private industries and foreign bodies. Mr. Anthony Fauci’s flagship agency – the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), was the main beneficiary of these kickbacks. The NIAID received upwards of $690 million in royalties during Fauci’s rollout of COVID-19 vaccine mandates (from 2021 through 2023).

NIAID scientists take kickbacks, selling out science

While most of Fauci’s vaccine mandates were eventually ruled unlawful by courts across the nation, he and another 260 NIAID scientists were able to pocket a shocking $690 million before Fauci himself fled off into retirement. These were payments made by private pharmaceutical companies that sought to buy influence within the government so they could speed up the authorization and licensing process for their drugs, vaccines and medical innovations.

The NIH’s vast network of royalties and government favors has been concealed until recently. sued to uncover the kickback schemes dating back to September 2009. From September 2009 to October 2021, there were upwards of 56,000 transactions from Big Pharma companies to the NIH and its scientists. The amount pocketed by the government scientists was over $325 million and included kickbacks from vaccine companies paid directly to NIH director Francis Collins and NIAID director Anthony Fauci.

This destruction of scientific integrity multiplied during the covid-19 scandal. NIAID scientists took in record kickbacks during a time when specific treatments were being censored, when unlawful mandates were enacted by Anthony Fauci’s Federal Coronavirus Task Force. These record kickbacks took place during a time when specific pharmaceutical interventions were being dictated to hospitals around the country, when vaccine injuries and sudden deaths were disregarded as conspiracy theory.

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While the total amount of these royalty payments is currently being disclosed (right now the total over 15 years is $1.036 billion) many of the details of the transactions remain redacted. The NIH contends that this kickback information is somehow a top-secret national security issue, and the American taxpayers have no right to see how corrupt this agency really is. For these reasons, no one can say with certainty that the NIAID scientists benefited directly from Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson. However, Moderna has settled with the NIH and agreed to pay over $400 million to them in a separate deal, so the vaccine companies likely bought great influence at the NIH and NIAID. This is apparent, considering Mr. Anthony Fauci’s forceful, deceptive and totalitarian behavior during the covid-19 scandal.

Fauci’s deceptive, totalitarian actions indicate the NIH has been bought and sold

Fauci not only quashed any scientific inquiry into the origins of SARS-CoV-2, but he has also stonewalled Congressional inquiry into the unethical money laundering schemes that were carried out through the NIAID. Moreover, he continues to promote the scandalous narrative that COVID-19 vaccines saved millions of lives and were safe and effective.

Further inquiry must force the NIH and NIAID officials to become transparent about these royalty payments, to better understand which multinational Big Pharma companies are wielding influence over the U.S. government. Further accountability must ensue, with evidence presented directly to government health officials that the vaccines and the associated mandates were a complete failure that suppressed efficacious treatments, caused further medical problems, and increased iatrogenic error. Issues can be resolved if transparency is enforced. Senator Rand Paul’s Royalty Transparency Act will help unredact secret payments and unwind this network of corporate and foreign influence inside the NIH and NIAID.

Government officials and their colleagues who benefited financially from their own policies of subjugation, coercion and obfuscation should be punished to the highest extent of the law. Agencies such as the NIH need to be gutted of their conflicts of interest, and all future royalty payments should be terminated and all past royalties refunded. These powerful outside influences must be investigated. These elaborate, clandestine kickback operations have destroyed scientific integrity in the U.S., have put the scientific method in peril, have discredited public health and destroyed lives in the process.

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