Nothing says ‘trust the science’ like hiding the science for 24 months

The entire COVID and vaccine narrative that the left tried to shove down our throats and into our bloodstreams is collapsing like a flim-flam house of cards. The real truth, which many of us knew from the very start, is finally emerging, leaving our so-called “experts” scrambling in the dust. After enduring endless lies, relentless mockery, and non-stop political agendas, the American public is growing weary of these supposed untouchable know-it-alls. It turns out they’re not perfect after all. They’re just easily-bought mouthpieces willing to say and do anything for a buck. Oh, and once they’re called out for their lies and manipulation, they’ll do everything they can to cover up and hide what they did. Let freedom ring!

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Meanwhile, Dr. Scott Atlas hit the nail on the head when he said that the plummeting support for so-called “science” and “experts” can be laid right at the feet of the disgraced elitist, Anthony Fauci.

After all we’ve been through and so many masks that have been savagely ripped off, why would anybody in their right mind trust our elites or the “experts”?

Given all the fake news and misinformation we now know the “experts” spread, we can’t help but wonder if this number is a heck of a lot lower than what this poll shows.


Americans’ trust in science and scientists has dropped since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new report by Pew Research Center.

The percent of American adults who say science has a “mostly positive” effect on society fell to 57%, down 8 percentage points since November 2021 and 16 percentage points since just before the pandemic, according to the survey of more than 8,800 U.S. adults conducted in the last week of September.


Trust in science wasn’t the same across the political spectrum: The Pew survey found that Republicans had less confidence in scientists and the benefits of science than Democrats. Less than half of Republicans (47%) said science has had a mostly positive effect on society, a decline from 70% in 2019. Sixty-nine percent of Democrats say science has had a mostly positive effect on society, although that has also declined by 8 points from 2019.

Now, as time ticks on, we’re discovering more and more about COVID, the jab, and the lies we were told. Remember how they attacked and mocked anybody who suggested taking Ivermectin for COVID symptoms?

Who can forget when the FDA suggested that Ivermectin was only for horses and cows? That is such a blatant and vicious lie. They ended up deleting the tweet, but the damage was already done.

While Chris Cuomo was at CNN, he used his platform to mock and ridicule anyone who suggested that Ivermectin could be the answer, rather than the Big Pharma jab. Now, Cuomo is proudly taking Ivermectin himself and stubbornly refusing to apologize for all the damage he did by spreading fake news, hysteria, and mockery across the country.

Jimmy Dore really went the extra mile and absolutely ROASTED Chris Cuomo over a stack of piping hot coals in this must-watch clip:

Full segment here:

Is it any surprise that trust in the media and our so-called experts is plummeting?

However, former skeptics are now coming forward, admitting that the “kooks” were right all along.

Dr. David Cartland:

Bill Maher Drops Stunning Monologue on the COVID “Experts” Who Got It Wrong

“A lot of the dissenting opinions that were suppressed and ridiculed at the time have proven to be CORRECT.”

This includes, but is not limited to:

• COVID came from a lab
• Ivermectin worked
• Masks offered no benefit and were harmful
• Should have never kept kids out of school
• Natural immunity is better than vaccinated immunity
• Long COVID is often a symptom of long vax
• Hospitals murdered COVID patients
• COVID fatality rate and death count were highly inflated
• Unvaccinated were scapegoated for the failure of the shots
• Early treatment was suppressed to make way for a “vaccine”
• Risks of the jab were intentionally hidden from the public
• Vaccine mandates are wrong
• More shots = more risk of infection
• COVID shots are neither safe nor effective

The unchastened Maher repeatedly gets things wrong, yet still arrogantly pronounces his opinion on a weekly basis as if his was the Voice of God.

And God forbid you try to squeeze some actual transparency out of these government-run chuckle factories. An independent citizen researcher named Christis Laura Grace has been doggedly pursuing contamination records for Pfizer and Moderna COVID jabs for nearly a year. She finally got a response, and guess what? It’ll likely be another two years before she gets any real answers.

Yes, sir, nothing says “trust the science” like hiding the science for two years, right?

Christie Laura Grace:

FOIA UPDATE 05/09/2024: I was told by the FDA this morning, that my request for contamination records for Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines, for every USA site, and every instance (name/identify contamination, state amount/state resolution, will take 18-24 months.

Almost a year ago I submitted a FOIA asking for full contamination records at all USA sites, Moderna and Pfizer, for the year 2023. It was stated it could take longer than the typical twenty days to process and provide the data requested. I received confirmation of receipt, but nothing since. I just called again today to get a status update (and it went to voicemail). In the FOIA, I asked for: 1. Name/identify contamination regardless of amount, at each site. 2. Identify amount. 3. State specific resolutions, if taken, regarding each contamination event, per site, per company. We are coming up on a year now.

Christie started this quest nearly a year ago. Is this chaotic cluster-bleep what we’re now calling “transparency”?

Here’s a closeup of the images that Christie shared that show just how deeply she’s been getting the run around, all in the name of “science.”

Never forget how Biden used that vaccine as a weapon against federal employees who had very good reasons for not wanting to take it.

And now, right on cue, we have another “virus.” This time, the “Bird Flu” can supposedly kill you if you look at it the wrong way or something like that.

It’s starting to look like a pattern: “deadly” pandemics seem to pop up around US presidential elections. It seems to many like once again, the uniparty regime has weaponized another industry to do their bidding, putting the rest of us at risk so these power-crazed ghouls can cling to their status and positions. And the bad news is that once the bird flu takes flight, don’t hold your breath waiting for any FOIA requests to be honored—it might be another decade or so.

But really, where do we stand “medical-wise” in this country right now? Well, for starters, AstraZeneca pulled its COVID vaccine off the market after admitting it causes blood clots. Pfizer just settled 10,000 cancer cases linked to the heartburn medication Zantac. And over at CNN, they’re now touting Ivermectin. So, to everyone who branded us “tinfoil hats” and Q-kooks, we have to ask: What’s your take on these conspiracy theories now, losers?”

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