Dr. McCullough, Australian professor highlight scientific links between vaccines and autism

Last week at a talk in Chattanooga, Tenn., a professor from Australia by the name of Ian Brighthope presented evidence, including from Dr. Peter McCullough, showing once again that vaccines cause autism.

In a “neutral tone,” Brighthope discussed Dr. McCullough’s research along with information from a 2019 corporate media report linking childhood injections to the symptoms commonly associated with autism spectrum disorder.

The 2019 report came from “Full Measure,” a weekly television news program aired every Sunday that is broadcast to about 43 million households.

“A respected pro-vaccine medical expert used by the federal government to debunk the vaccine-autism link, says vaccines can cause autism after all,” it was stated in the report. “He claims he told that to government officials long ago, but they kept it secret.”

“Meantime, CDC – which promotes vaccines and monitors vaccine safety – never disclosed that the government’s own one-time medical expert concluded vaccines can cause autism – and to this day public health officials deny that’s the case.”

A full transcript of the report, which you can also watch on YouTube below, is available here.

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Vaccine-induced autism linked to gender dysphoria

Entitled “Who is Winning the Information War?” McCullough delivered his speech at the “Art of War” event. Toward the end of his speech, McCullough shared details about how the rise of vaccine-induced autism corresponds with a similar rise in gender dysphoria.

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Back when McCullough was a child, autism was extremely rare – and there were a lot fewer vaccines administered back then as well.

“Autism was one in 10,000 when I was a kid,” he explained. “It’s now one in 36. It’s the biggest epidemic of childhood in U.S. history.”

While a small portion of this increase is due simply to increased screening and detection, there is still “a massive bona fide increase” that has no other explanation besides the massive increase in chemicals, i.e., vaccines and tainted food and water, that occurred during the same time period.

“It has been well demonstrated that if a child gets sick with a big round of shots and they have a seizure, there’s about a 40 percent chance that their brain is injured and that they develop autism,” McCullough said.

“There are 200 studies now linking excessive vaccination in childhood to autism.”

The problem is so serious that even the World Council for Health is urging parents to adopt a “common sense” approach to the ever-expanding childhood vaccination schedule. It is safer to just wait – and even better to just do nothing.

“Five studies show children who take no vaccines, none – they’re born healthy, they take no vaccines, they’re healthier than the kids who take the vaccines,” McCullough says.

“There are lower rates of food allergy … there are lower rates of asthma, allergic dermatitis, need for tympanostomy tubes, lower rates of attention deficit disorder, Asperger disease, lower rates of autism spectrum disorder … massive excessive vaccination is likely harming our children today.”

McCullough also discussed the epidemic of sudden infant deaths, noting that 50 percent of them occur within a week of children “taking a battery of these shots.” Like with autism, the medical establishment refuses to acknowledge any connection between vaccines and sudden infant death syndrome.

Brighthope also recommends reading the book “Vaccines, Myths and Facts” by Wendy Daniel, which contains a wealth of additional information about childhood injections and what they do to the bodies of innocent little ones.

Your best bet is to avoid vaccinating your children – they’ll be much healthier with natural immunity. Learn more at VaccineDamage.news.

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