Rep. Paul Gosar blasts Biden admin for funding gender transition procedures for underage family members of government employees

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) slammed the administration of President Joe Biden for funding the underage gender reassignment procedures of family members of government employees without maintaining records of who received the treatments.

Gosar raised this concern during a May 21 hearing of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. He interrogated Rob Shriver, the acting director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) during the hearing about the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB) contracting with insurers who have health plans that offer surgical and chemical castration procedures for children with gender dysphoria.

In response, Shriver explained that “the health plans that participate in the FEHB decide on the benefit packages that they make available.” He added that the OPM had no authority over the specific benefits of FEHB plans.

Shriver also addressed Gosar’s demand for increased transparency and data collection on the number of children undergoing gender transitions through FEHB health plans. He noted that former OPM Director Kiran Ahuja, who recently resigned due to health and family issues, had previously resisted calls to mandate reporting on the services provided.

However, Gosar pointed out that the FEHB had actually mandated coverage for gender transitions in a 2016 program carrier letter. He argued that this effectively allowed harmful practices to continue unchecked.

Gosar could not help but express his dismay, given that other countries like the United Kingdom, Denmark, England, Finland, Norway and Sweden are moving away from such practices due to increasing evidence of their medical risks while the United States is doing otherwise. (Related: Gender transition indoctrination is extreme child abuse, warns psychiatrist.)

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“I thought the U.S.A. was better than that. I thought we were the leaders in science, not followers. I find it disgusting that you still sit there and hide behind that when children are being mutilated,” Gosar stated.

Biden administration keeps ignoring fact that gender reassignment has negative consequences for children

Gosar was angered by the fact that the Biden administration keeps on ignoring all evidence that gender reassignment can have serious negative consequences, especially for children.

In a 15-year-period study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, Dutch researchers from the University of Groningen have found that “most” gender-confused children outgrow such feelings by the time they reach adulthood.

Every three years, from March 2001 to 2015, researchers asked children who were originally 11 years old up until their mid-20s to respond to the same statement at six different points throughout the years: “I wish to be of the opposite sex.”

Participants will only choose from three options: “0 – Not True,” “1 – Somewhat or Sometimes True” and “2 – Very True or Often True.” Additionally, participants rated their feelings regarding their physical appearance and self-esteem to evaluate their self-worth.

Initially, the study found that about 11 percent of children experienced varying degrees of “gender non-contentedness,” a dissatisfaction with their biological sex alignment, during puberty. But as they reach the age of 25, the figure significantly decreases to four percent.

Thus, the study concludes that fluctuations in gender non-contentedness were associated with lower self-worth, more behavioral problems and increased emotional struggles, particularly among females. Findings also suggest that doubts about one’s gender identity during adolescence tend to diminish with age.

In turn, experts warn their colleagues that rushing children and adolescents into gender “affirming” treatments like hormones and surgical interventions does not effectively address their mental health issues.

But despite all these claims, the Biden administration continues to support various aspects of the LGBT agenda, including advocating for underage gender transitions. The administration has taken several contentious steps, such as reopening the military to recruits with gender dysphoria, promoting gender ideology within the military and condemning state laws that restrict underage transitions.

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