Ivermectin works best when taken with high-fat foods

The medical establishment continues to wage war against ivermectin, the generic antiparasitic drug that many studies have found is powerfully effective against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). And we now know that ivermectin works best when taken with high-fat foods.

It was there all along in Merck’s package insert for Stromectol, the brand-name version of ivermectin sold by the company. The insert explains that ivermectin is about 2.5 times more effective when taken with fatty foods as opposed to alone with water.

This is important information because a handful of poorly conducted studies would seem to conclude that ivermectin does not work, the reality being that they did not test the drug properly in accordance with its rightful usage protocol.

To date, there have been 103 manuscripts written about the study of ivermectin. There are also 15 medRxiv and / or preprint articles about ivermectin that were conducted due to Big Pharma’s influence over bigger journals that refused to publish anything positive about the drug.

All ivermectin studies show some level of effectiveness, but not necessarily at the p?0.05 level considered to be “effective.” Anything higher than p?0.05, in case you did not know, is considered to have “no effect.”

As such, Cochrane’s March 2024 review of ivermectin claims the drug is ineffective. And this review is now routinely cited as “evidence” that ivermectin was never an effective remedy for COVID, even though the review is incomplete.

(Related: Did you catch this recent study published in the Jundishapur Journal of Health Sciences showing that ivermectin works really well against moderate-to-severe COVID infection?)

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Cochrane review of ivermectin skewed – only 11 of 50 trials used

The Cochrane review of ivermectin only include 11 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) covering 3,409 people, even though there are 50 RCTs covering 17,243 participants for ivermectin. Why did Cochrane do this? Because when all of the RCTs are analyzed together, the evidence supporting ivermectin as a safe and effective remedy for COVID is much, much stronger.

“The fact that Cochrane selectively excluded a large amount of study data, while simultaneously including low-quality data with high conflict of interest and highly biased study designs, is more than a little perplexing,” writes David Gortler for the Brownstone Institute.

“Of note, Cochrane also didn’t combine all of the evidence from the studies it did choose to include; data was split into very small sets by outcome and patient status, with no method used to combine all of the evidence from independent studies.”

Simply put, the only way to come to an accurate conclusion about ivermectin is to apply all of the available data fairly. And yet this is not what Cochrane did by selectively cherry-picking data from just 11 of the 50 RCTs that exist on ivermectin to paint a skewed picture of the drug’s efficacy.

Keep in mind that the 50 RCTs that exist for ivermectin are just a portion of the evidence that exists in the drug’s favor. There are also “highly plausible molecular biology and pharmacology mechanisms on how ivermectin is potentially effective for preventing the entry of some viruses into cells,” to further quote Gortler.

RCTs are also not the be all, end all, of science. The COVID era exposed severe biases with this so-called “gold standard” of science, meaning even RCTs can go awry when the wrong people are leading them.

As with many things, the timing of treatment with ivermectin is just as important as the drug dosage used. And when it comes to the politics surrounding this particular drug, you can be sure that many bought-and-paid-for “scientists” conducted studies on ivermectin that were intentionally flawed so as to make the drug appear ineffective.

More related news about remedies that the establishment does not want you to know about or use can be found at Remedies.news.

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