Researchers link ultra-processed VEGAN food products to heart disease risk and early death

In some psychotic attempt to starve people of real, nutritious foods, the global climate change cult has demonized meat and dairy products, attributing them to increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide and warming temperatures that allegedly threaten our collective future.

The UK Climate Change Committee has brainwashed the public on this idea, calling on the collective to drastically decrease their consumption of “high carbon” meats and dairy products by 2030. This has led to dramatic investments in highly processed “vegan” food products across the UK.

These vegan foods are typically derived from plants, but they are oftentimes highly processed and contain filler ingredients. Moreover, these highly processed vegan products are not absorbed properly and are not suited to fulfill the dietary needs of individuals, especially individuals with specific blood types and high activity levels.

Now, a new study published in the Lancet finds that processed vegan food products are linked to cardiovascular disease risk and early death. This is an important issue in the UK and other developed countries. In the UK, cardiovascular disease affects approximately 7.6 million people and accounts for a quarter of all deaths.

Processed vegan food products cause heart disease, but real plant-based foods reduce the risk

While traditional veganism emphasizes whole fruits, vegetables and grains, modern veganism now includes a spectrum of ultra-processed foods (UPF). These UPFs encompass a wide range of products, from sugary snacks and beverages to plant-derived imitations of meats and dairy, all characterized by extensive industrial processing.

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These UPF’s are typically high in unhealthy fats, sugars, colors, emulsifiers and additives while lacking in essential nutrients and fiber. Studies have linked increased consumption of UPFs to elevated risks of various health conditions, including cardio metabolic disorders and premature mortality. Their chemical composition and altered physical structures contribute to these adverse health outcomes, undermining the benefits of medicinal herbs and actual plant-based diets that do prevent chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease.

The UK Biobank study addresses these gaps by analyzing large-scale data to differentiate between the impacts of plant-sourced whole foods versus ultra processed vegan foods on cardiovascular disease risk and mortality. The prospective cohort study looked at medical and mortality records for more than 500,000 participants aged 40–69 years between 2007 and 2010, encompassing regions across England, Scotland, and Wales. This is the first large-scale cohort study to examine both the degree of food processing and food source (plant vs. animal) in relation to cardiovascular disease risk. The study also investigates the effects of non-red meat consumption, particularly distinguishing between UPF and non-UPF varieties. Replacing ultra-processed plant-based foods with non-ultra-processed ones was found to lower the incidence of cardiovascular disease by 7% and coronary heart disease mortality by 13%. For every 10% increase in real, plant-based foods, the risk of death from heart disease fell by 20%. When the source of plant-based foods comes from ultra processed vegan food products, there’s a 12% spike in heart-disease related deaths.

Lead author Fernanda Rauber commented on the study: “Food additives and industrial contaminants present in these foods might cause oxidative stress and inflammation, further aggravating the risks. Those shifting towards plant-based foods should also think about the degree of processing involved before making their choices.”

Co-author Eszter Vamos is urging nutritional guidelines to promote plant-based diets, and differentiate them from ultra processed vegan food products. “While ultra-processed foods are often marketed as healthy foods, this large study suggests that plant-based ultra-processed foods do not seem to have protective health effects and are linked to poor health outcomes,” she said.

A flood of designer vegan food products are contributing to one of the greatest health problems of the times, while clean, nutritious meats, raw dairy and herbal medicines are demonized out of existence. It’s just another way for the climate change cult to kill people off — making everyone believe they are eating healthy and saving the planet, while they are pumped full of processed garbage and barred from eating nutritious, whole foods.

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