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BREAKING: CDC caught lying? Costa Mesa files court document to block federal relocation of 35-50 INFECTED coronavirus patients to ill-prepared facility near millions of Californians

Until two days ago, the CDC’s “official” numbers claimed 15 infections in the United States. With the return of other infected evacuees from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, that number jumped to 35. But now, we know the real number is much higher, possibly as high as 70 infected people in the United States, thanks to a court document filed by the city of Costa Mesa, California.

That document, uncovered by Fox 5 News in San Diego, is shown below. It calls for a judicial decision to block the federal government’s attempt to move 35 – 50 infected patients from Travis Air Force Base to an ill-prepared isolation facility in Costa Mesa that’s near millions of people.

But the CDC’s “official” numbers claim there are only 13 infected patients in California to begin with. Let’s see if we can unravel the numbers here…

35 – 50 infected patients being urgently moved from Travis Air Force Base

The “statement of facts” section of the document warns that “35 – 50 patients already diagnosed with the Coronavirus” are about to be relocated from Travis Air Force Base to a facility in Costa Mesa. The lawsuit document then warns, “State officials demanded to know why local emergency personnel notified City leaders at all of the plan to produce people with a deadly and highly communicable disease into the community.”

Here’s what the lawsuit document says:

Statement of Facts:

Defendants intend to relocate from 35-50 patients already diagnosed with the Coronavirus from a secure location on Travis Air Force Base, where they are isolated from population centers, to Costa Mesa, a densely population city within a county of over 3 million. (Dempsey Decl. ??2, 6-7). And they plan to do so without first determining the suitability of the facility where the individuals will be housed. The Defendants’ plan was announced at the eleventh hour, with no efforts to include local government leaders or local public health officials. (Id.). Indeed, State officials demanded to know why local emergency personnel notified City leaders at all of the plan to introduce people with a deadly and highly communicable disease into the community.

This means the CDC has been withholding the real numbers of infected patients from the public

What this lawsuit means is that the CDC has been lying about the total number of infected coronavirus patients in America.

Although the numbers are a bit hard to nail down due to the lack of information from federal agencies, the current “official” count of infections, via the CDC, is just 14 confirmed cases in the United States, with only 414 people tested.

In addition, the CDC says there are 3 people evacuated from Wuhan, China who have the virus, and 18 people evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

That’s a grand total of 35 people who are confirmed infected in America, according to the CDC.

But according to this map of infections in America, via NBC News, there are only 13 cases in California, with 2 recovered there. The map shows 20 cases outside California, including the 11 in Nebraska.

Added to the 35 – 50 infected patients at Travis Air Force Base as described by the lawsuit above, this seems to indicate there are actually 55 – 70 infected people in America that we know of so far, at least if we’re crunching the (somewhat confusing) numbers correctly.

Is Travis Air Force Base running out of space for infected patients?

As you ponder the confusing numbers, ask yourself this question: Why are infected patients being urgently moved out of Travis Air Force Base in the first place?

The only logical answer, of course, is that Travis Air Force Base has run out of isolation beds. And they need to make more space for more infected patients.

So they’re rushing to transfer up to 50 of these infected patients to Costa Mesa, much to the total surprise of the city officials there who are (understandably) freaking out.

And the facility in Costa Mesa is entirely inadequate for this purpose, they say, likely resulting in the spread of coronavirus infections into the Costa Mesa community, according to the concerns of city officials there.

So someone at the federal level is in a sudden hurry to make more space at the Air Force base, and they’re now “exporting” infected patients to other communities in California while lying about everything, deceiving the American public and the people of California.

You know the rest of this story, because we’ve already seen how it plays out on the Diamond Princess. And no, it’s not a happy ending.

Possibly 70 infected people in America, and the CDC has only tested 414 out of the entire country?

With the CDC stating they’ve only tested 414 people in the entire country — which seems absurd, but that’s what they’re claiming — and the State of Hawaii now explaining they’ve tested exactly zero people for coronavirus (story coming tomorrow on that), we seem to have arrived at a rather bizarre juncture in America where the CDC has only tested 414 people but as many as 70 might have been confirmed for the virus.

Yet we’re still being told the “official” number is only 35.

It’s all starting to feel a little bit like Wuhan, isn’t it? Fudged numbers, failure to test a sufficient number of people, total denial about any break in containment, a complete lack of reliable coronavirus testing kits, incompetent government officials… the only difference between the USA and China now seems to be a matter of timing. What happened to Wuhan first will soon happen in Honolulu, then San Diego, then the entire West Coast and so on.

But no government in the world seems willing to tell the truth at any level, which means the coronavirus will never be contained, because controlling the narrative isn’t the same as controlling the virus.

It makes us wonder: When will the CDC actually admit the outbreaks in America are already out of control and beyond containment?

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