Ron Armstrong: The WHO wants MORE AUTHORITY in all future pandemics

Ron Armstrong of the American Sovereignty Coalition (ASC) pointed out that the globalist World Health Organization (WHO) wants more authority in all future pandemics.

“The WHO has been meeting behind closed doors for the last two months,” he told Kristen Meghan during a May 8 appearance on her “Vets & Visionaries” podcast. “They are looking at adopting amendments that have already been written and approved by the existing administration that will grant it further authority in all future pandemics and health-related issues.”

Armstrong, a former city mayor, added that Americans need to understand that the people funding the WHO today are not the same ones as decades ago.

“They did do very good work; they had an important role to play,” he emphasized. “But like many things that we’ve seen in our society, they have been hijacked because of money and because of influence with goals that are made to reduce and bring down the American economy [and] to basically begin to control the American population.”

The president of grassroots organization Stand Up Michigan also pointed out that the current head of the WHO is an adherent of Marxism and communism. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has no background in medicine, healthcare or science. Despite this, he ascended to the global health body’s leadership in 2017.

This, Armstrong said, should make the people question those behind Tedros calling the shots when a worldwide health emergency starts. The ASC member ultimately stressed that Americans should not allow unelected bureaucrats inside and outside the U.S. to determine things to be done or step on their rights, freedoms and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.


CCP is pulling all the strings for the WHO

Meghan, an Air Force veteran turned whistleblower, added that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is basically pulling all the strings for the WHO. She continued that it was evident back in previous outbreaks such as MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV-1.

“I remember they got the green light. They believed everything that the CCP had said. It’s no different than an organization doing their own investigation on themselves. So, when we hear the term ‘follow the money’ … we have to follow the strings because the CCP has complete control over this.” (Related: World Health Organization positioning to become global health dictator while masses are distracted with “lab leaks.”)

Meanwhile, Armstrong said the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that began in China was a test of how many Americans would respond, comply, conform and stand up. However, he lamented that the American people failed the test after succumbing to the fear of COVID-19.

The “Vets & Visionaries” host optimistically called on Americans to unite for a moment and talk about the WHO’s plans to supersede national sovereignty during a health emergency. She reiterated that people have the power to contact their elected representatives to ensure this does not become reality.

Meghan also called on people to urge their congressmen to strive for the ultimate goal of the U.S. leaving the global health body. However, Armstrong remarked that this is more difficult than it looks as the Biden administration favors the WHO and the medical tyranny it espouses.

Watch the full conversation between Ron Armstrong and Kristen Meghan below.

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