LGBTQ CHILD EXPLOITATION AGENDA: Projects and businesses caught pushing kids into gender-bender drugs and genitalia-mutilation surgery without parental permission

The LGBTQ “movement” is chock full of hidden agendas and coercions that are being exposed more and more frequently as the real motives are revealed. As of late, Visa is raising money for groups that push children into taking gender-bender hormones, and this is being propagandized in chat rooms on line so the kid’s parents won’t know about it, until it’s too late.

The manipulative adults involved are influencing kids and teens to “transition” without getting permission from their parents. The LGBTQ agenda is much more than they claim, because it’s not just about equal rights or defending against discrimination, as we see now it’s more about sucking in kids to engage in these perversions. Sex “change” drugs can cause cancer tumors, and the “top” and “bottom” surgeries can leave the victims scarred, maimed, and damaged for life. Many end up with urination problems, no libido, regret, depression, cancer, scars, and thoughts of suicide (and even homicide as we see with the latest string of mass shooters).

The Trevor Project focuses on manipulating transgender youth and kids suffering mental health issues as targets for gender experimentation

Yes, the big push is on in the LGBTQ-trans-everything world for kids and teens to take dangerous drugs, cross-dress, and get their genitals mutilated with irreversible surgery because social media has them all gender “confused.” Are you are boy or a girl? Are you both? Do you switch back and forth daily, or depending on who you’re surrounded by? These drag queens are infiltrating the schools, daycare centers, and summer camps, dancing around in thongs and high heels, and anyone who says it’s “wrong” or “indecent” is labeled a racist, bigot, gay-bashing white supremacist, or something to that effect.


The Trevor Project and other “non-profit” organizations like them, want adults to have “sexual conversations” with minors in online chat rooms without their parent’s permission, so they can influence the kids to celebrate “pride” in gender fluidity. They call it a “human rights campaign,” but it sounds like that’s the exact opposite of what it really is, when you boil it all down. United Airlines, Chase and Visa are all conspiring to reel in as many kids and teens as possible into this gender-confused world of thinking about sex, sexual partners, and sexual identity all day, instead of school, health, family values, ethics, morals, and anything else important in life.

Promoting the “medical transition of children” through pharmaceutical company agendas, hormone therapy, and irreversible, experimental surgery

Grooming is for child predators. There’s no gray area there. Influencing children and teens to cut off their penis or clitoris and breasts because they’re not sure if they want to be a boy or girl is insane, evil. To convince a child to take hormone pills to change their voice and grow extra facial hair flirts with disaster, because these hormones can easily influence cancer tumors to grow. Add in some spike protein vaccines (mRNA Covid Flu jabs) and you’ve got turbo cancer in the making.

It’s important for parents to realize what is really happening. This is not about equal rights for gays, it’s about these folks pushing their perverted thinking onto kids and teens. There’s really no other justification for all this propaganda being shoved down their throats online where the parents are unaware and have not given their kids permission to engage it. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and the bonfire is raging. Find out more about these chat rooms where the LGBTQ+ “community” is grooming kids for drugs and surgery, and possibly child trafficking or prostitution after all that.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on extreme liberals with hidden agendas trying to turn normal kids into gender-confused freaks.

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