Adolescents suffer HEART SCARS from Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, per cardiac MRI study

A long-term study performed by doctors, researchers, and scientists at the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, and published in the medical journal Circulation, has revealed a shocking statistic that 66 percent of young male adults and adolescents suffer heart damage, dysfunction, and/or scarring from mRNA vaccines. That’s right, out of 40 patients studied, 26 had heart damage, including late gadolinium enhancement (LGE), signs of scarring, and possibly permanent damage for several patients. A whole series of tests were performed, to be sure of the analysis, and these horrific findings were evident a whole YEAR after vaccination with the so-called “safe and effective” messenger RNA vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna.

Fauci, Walensky, the CDC, the FDA, and the fake President all LIED about the safety of the Wuhan Virus jabs

Echocardiograms were performed on 40 patients ages 12 to 18 for a year after they were diagnosed with myocarditis from the Covid stabs. Obviously, the spike proteins that circulate throughout the vascular system are causing microscopic clots and clogs that stress the hearts of the previously perfectly healthy youth, and now evidence-based science reveals this heart damage could be permanent. That means all the reassuring everyone received from all the “vaccine experts” and made-for-TV doctors were lies, propaganda, and outright disinformation.

Some people need to go to jail for lying about these deadly “vaccines” that are not really vaccines at all. They weaken the immune system with each new stab, and now they’re proven by science to cause heart swelling, heart strain, scars, heart attacks, strokes, and death. It’s time to hold some new criminal trials for the guilty pushers of “medicine” they all knew was insidiously dangerous.


Dr. Yiu-fai Cheung, with Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, and the other researchers said, “Persistence of LGE in a significant subset of patients with up to 1 year of follow-up was observed,” and that “there exists a potential long-term effect on exercise capacity and cardiac functional reserve during stress.” That means everyone who got the mRNA is at an unnecessary heightened risk of having a heart attack while exercising, and this could be a permanent condition due to scarring, whether minor or major. Let that sink in for a minute.

Serious cases of vax-induced myocarditis are NOT resolved inside of a year, as the vax-pushers and promoters once claimed. Doctors who actually care about people’s health, instead of just money, are screaming for the mRNA jabs to all be pulled from market until more long-term safety data can be compiled and released to the public. Nobody who gets the mRNA jabs is making an informed decision about their health as long as these findings are covered up and omitted from the mass media, major medical journals, and released as statements and warnings from the CDC, FDA, and WHO.

Large-scale clinical trials on vaccine-induced myocarditis and long-term scarring need to be initiated immediately, and all vaccines put on hold until the findings are analyzed and reported properly, and none of this should be in the hands of the mRNA manufacturers. That’s like having the wolves guard the hen houses.

Doctors who know about this study are now saying that even small levels of scarring could be a foundation for future arrhythmias, with exercise serving as a trigger, and that all these vaccinated children, adolescents, and young adults need to undergo exercise stress tests at 6 months, 1 year, and maybe forever, to attempt to prognosticate this heart damage caused by the Fauci Flu jabs. Of course, neither Pfizer and Moderna representatives responded to any requests for comment on the new long-term study on myocarditis. They should all be dragged into courtrooms.

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