NO REMORSE: Pfizer says NO Australians were forced to take their vaccines, dismisses all harms caused by their experiments and mandates

Two Pfizer executives were recently brought before the Australian senate and interrogated. They were questioned for their role in pushing harmful medical experiments, unethical vaccine mandates, and policies of coercion and segregation that destroyed people’s lives and livelihoods.

During the Australian senate inquiry into the covid-19 vaccine mandates, Pfizer Country Medical Director, Dr. Krishan Thiru, and the head of Regulatory Sciences for Pfizer, Dr. Brian Hewitt, dismissed the existence of unlawful vaccine mandates that they pushed just two years prior. Governments forced multiple rounds of Pfizer’s products across all sectors of society, from education, health care, and public service to retail, mining, media, and construction.

Pfizer reps try to shift accountability to policy makers

Pretending that the mandates were free of coercion and force, the Pfizer reps disregarded questions about vaccine mandates and said that all Australians had free choice to vaccinate or not. “I believe firmly that nobody was forced to have a vaccine,” Dr. Thiru said. However, the Pfizer executives revealed that their company pushed out its own staff when employees refused to comply with Pfizer’s own vaccine mandates.

The Pfizer reps dismissed the massive breach of medical privacy that took place under the mandates, which led to widespread discrimination, defamation, coercion, and segregation of the unvaccinated. Individuals were even denied lifesaving organ transplants for refusing these “vaccinations.”

The Pfizer reps even tried to shift responsibility for their illegal actions onto Australian policy makers: “Mandates for vaccine requirements are determined by governments and health authorities,” Dr. Hewitt said. “I believe everybody was offered an opportunity to get a vaccine or not get a vaccine. I don’t believe that anybody was forced to take a vaccine.”


Over the past three years, Pfizer has benefited from violent government policies that violate basic human rights. The unvaccinated have had their basic movement and participation in society threatened by these mandates. Individuals have been threatened with the loss of their jobs, careers, and ability to provide for their family. This has caused unparalleled levels of stress, struggle, and pain, as people give up their body autonomy and basic human dignity to submit to Pfizer, the government, and their employer’s discriminatory demands. Others have stood strong and courageous, beating back against unethical mandates, and proving to the entire establishment that they are wrong about the restrictions, the discrimination, and the validity of vaccine science itself.

Pfizer reps show no remorse when confronted with the damage that their vaccines and mandates have caused

The chair of the senate inquiry, Deputy Opposition Whip Senator Matt O’Sullivan, was appalled at Pfizer’s lack of empathy and total disregard for what has transpired over the past three years. “In Western Australia, vaccines were mandated essentially across the entire population. There were a few exceptions. There were very few exceptions. If you wanted to go to work and earn a living and provide for your family, you had to be vaccinated,” the senator said.

When the Pfizer reps dismissed the existence of these individual hardships and the societal destruction that the mandates caused, the senator responded: “Based on your evidence, I’m staggered that was the response you gave earlier to questions in relation to whether or not people were forced to have vaccines. If you had to make a choice between paying your mortgage and putting food on the table for your family, you can hardly say that those people were not forced…” He continued, “There were plenty of people who were forced to do it. There were some in Western Australia — I’ve had so many who have contacted me — who had to go without because they chose not to be vaccinated. The state government forced them to be vaccinated, frankly.”

The mandates led to sweeping civil unrest, with hundreds of thousands of people protesting across Australia. Police forces have been used as Pfizer’s own pawns to enforce the mandates, but they have lost all influence over the population. As the medical freedom movement restores bodily integrity and basic medical ethics, the movement has gone mainstream. Beating back all the lies and defamation, the medical freedom movement has unified with people who have been threatened and harmed, while becoming wholly justified in their courageous endeavors.

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